Why Artificial Turf is great for Balconies and Decks

Why Artificial Turf is great for Balconies and Decks

Artificial grass in today’s fast and busy world has gained […]

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Premium Grass Blades

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March 31, 2023

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Artificial grass in today’s fast and busy world has gained immense popularity. The versatility of synthetic turf allows it to fit in any space, atmosphere, and environment; you may install it on your balconies, lawns, yards, poolside areas, and even decks.

Balconies are usually associated with apartment communities, townhomes, and hotels. However, balconies are also vital spaces for homeowners and business owners. It may be used as a meeting place, can hold a garden, or can be utilized for dining and entertainment. At Premium Grass Blades, you can find supreme-quality artificial grass for your balconies, decks, and other outdoor and indoor areas, including rooftop patios and indoor fitness centres.

Although saying artificial turf is great for balconies and decks is an unarguable statement, people are still uncertain about its usage. Thus, in this blog, we have enlisted some reasons – why artificial turf is a perfect alternative for elevating outdoor space.

Why Should You Use Artificial Turf on Balconies and Decks?

The awkwardly shaped spaces of balconies and decks have limited surface area to work with. Maximizing this space can be challenging, eventually leading people to neglect the space and miss the opportunity. But for people, who are tired of the dirty or muddy concrete and bland appeal, we are here to help you. Below we have discussed why artificial turf is great for balconies and decks and how it can help you uplift the aesthetics and value of your property.

Enhance the Space With Artificial Turf

The prime reason for using artificial turf on your balcony or deck is to make the area beautiful. Synthetic turf adds more functionality to the unusable balcony area and improves the property value simultaneously. You can create almost any surface of your choice because the grass can be cut and placed around any obstruction; it also offers you the possibility of only partially covering the area with the turf. Artificial grass allows you to be creative with the space and transform it into whatever you wish for – may it be an entertainment space for the guests or just to have morning coffee.

Safe Surface With Synthetic Grass

Artificial turf has a soft and smooth texture, making it a safer surface for your family. When damp, concrete and wood are prone to becoming dangerously slick. However, synthetic grass is substantially less slippery than wood. Artificial turf also aids in preventing the formation of mold and mildew on your deck.

Astro Turf Has Easy Maintenance

Another significant reason why artificial grass is the perfect alternative for your balconies and decks is its easy maintenance. Unlike natural grass, you do not have to irrigate, mow, or trim the area and enjoy its pleasing aesthetics. You can clean the turf just like any indoor surface, even with a vacuum. You may easily retrieve any undesirable leaves or debris by hand or with a rake to create a pile. We advise using water and a cleaning solution to cleanse the surface after mild spills or pet messes.

Besides, the turf, even your balcony and deck, get easy to maintain. You do not have to spend extra time cleaning these spaces. Artificial turf prevents any mud stains from prevailing on the ground. It also provides protection in the area from prolonged sun exposure.

Improve the Aesthetics of Your Home With Artificial Turf

Another significant fact about artificial turf is that it will never die, turn brown, or fall victim to pests or diseases. It stays bright, fluffy, and green throughout its lifespan. It is so easy to take care of and does not even demand weekly upkeep. The long-term aesthetic appeal may help give your patio a pleasing appearance you will enjoy for years to come.

Extra Insulation With Synthetic Grass

Artificial turf may offer many layers of insulation, depending on the padding and infill used, without providing the additional weight or moisture that natural grass does. Tar paper and rubber sealants are used to cover various flat or slightly inclined surfaces that may become excessively hot during the summer when exposed to direct sunshine. Fake grass helps prevent heat from accumulating and keeps the attic cooler maintaining the house cool.

Artificial Grass is Great for Kids and Pets

Living in a small apartment with kids and pets is not easy. It is vital to provide them with sufficient room to exercise, play, and have personal space. Artificial turf is a significant way to increase the functionality and comfort of the balcony space. Adding shock pads beneath the turf provides the surface cushion feel and lets your kids and pets have a great playtime.

At Premium Grass Blades, we only use 100% non-toxic raw materials to manufacture our turf. It helps us to produce entirely safe synthetic turf products, which are safe for your pets as well as kids. Also, since it doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides, you won’t have to worry about your pets and kids.

Synthetic Grass is Very Versatile

Artificial grass may be used for practically any reason, whether you want to make a place for outdoor activities like yoga, aerobics, bocce ball, or golf or to complement your balcony garden with ground cover. You may also use it to improve the look of your home. Unlike natural grass, you can use it in any shape and size, fitting your balcony and deck. In contrast to natural grass, artificial turf is more aesthetically adaptable and has a year-round attractiveness regardless of the climate or regional environment.

Synthetic Grass is Durable and Long Lasting

When we bring up durability, it usually means lasting for a long period. Artificial grass by Premium Grass Blades lasts approximately 15 years, which undoubtedly is a long time to reap the value of your money. Choose a suitable turf type for your balcony depending on the foot traffic in the area and the natural and not-so-natural damage that may occur.

However, the durability and longevity of artificial turf also depend on its quality and the type of artificial grass you choose, such as our lush artificial turf, which has a high-end appearance and works well on your balconies and decks.

Zero Pest Infestation with Artificial Grass

Natural grass is prone to harbour mosquitos, ants, and gnats; this is why artificial turf is considered the best alternative to keep pests and insects away from balconies and even the whole residence. Suppress the presence and proliferation of bugs and provide your family and pets with a safe environment. The synthetic fibres of artificial grass are pest resistant, require no maintenance, and are the perfect choice for transforming the balcony and deck area.

Artificial grass is an excellent option for places prone to insect infestation since it is simple to maintain and disinfect. The artificial grass may be kept clean and preserved regularly to help avoid any accumulation of dirt, trash, or organic waste that can attract pests.

Synthetic Grass is Cost-effective 

It is undoubtedly to say that artificial grass is one of the most cost-effective investments for your residence that provides a long-lasting value. It may appear expensive at first, but in actuality, it helps to improve the aesthetics of your place, increase the value of your property and lowers maintenance requirements saving you a lot of time. The turf will pay for itself in a few short years when you divide the cost of the turf and its installation over the years so that it will be in place and account for the little amount of money and effort spent on upkeep.

Premium Grass Blades Turf

Green spaces are essential to us. Even if fake, they will still brighten your personal outdoor space. Premium Grass Blades has created a quality range of artificial turf for multiple purposes, ranging from your yards to balconies to rooftop patios. Artificial grass helps you avoid tedious maintenance tasks like cleaning and scrubbing the outer spaces. We specialize in manufacturing, delivering, and installing superior synthetic grass for landscaping, commercial projects, and sporting facilities. Visit our Instagram and Facebook channels for more details about our products and services.

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