Premium Grass Blades boxwood is your perfect solution for instant privacy, home décor, or garden design.

Designed to be abundant with double the amount of artificial leaves, our boxwood is ideal for creating a privacy screen for yourself or a living wall. Their lightweight and compact design make them perfect for weddings and events, allowing for easy setup and take down as well as travel.

With easy-to-snap-together connecting points, you can create any design or style you prefer within seconds. A rich green colour palette allows you to bring the outdoors inside; with an easy-to-cut backing, you can size and shape each piece to suit your needs.

In today’s world, where homes are built closely together, many people turn to boxwood to help create privacy screens on their balconies or decks. Our 20” x 20” panels allow for plenty of coverage with four layers of leaves and 400 foliage per piece; these boxwood pieces can be hung from ceilings, attached to railings, or even screwed into drywall, and even bent around corners or helped to create curves, depending on your needs.

All boxwood products have been manufactured using 100% recyclable pure raw materials, meaning there is no odour; they are infused with anti-UV polymers and have passed 5000hrs of UV testing. Each boxwood panel has passed REACH, RoHs and PAHs testing; these tests are done to prove that our products are healthy and environmentally friendly.

With little to no maintenance, these easy-to-clean panels are the ideal choice for homeowners everywhere.



Composition: 100% Virgin PE, Anti-UV
Leaves Layers: 4 Layers
Odour: Odourless
Panel Dimensions: 20” X 20” Panel
Panel Size: 2.75 Sqft
Panel Weight: 1.2 Lbs
Box Size: 33.33 Sqft
Box Weight: 17 lbs per carton
Warranty: 3 Years for Outdoors; 5 Years for Indoors