Our Artificial Turf Company in Surrey

Investing In Artificial Turf

One of the easiest ways to invest into your home is through synthetic grass. Add an artificial turf front yard, or an artificial turf playground in the backyard and see the value of your house skyrocket.

The Many Uses Of Synthetic Grass

As we see a surge in synthetic grass popularity, we are also seeing all the very creative ways people are using artificial turf. More and more it is becoming evidently clear that artificial turf will be part of our day-to-day future.

Premium Quality Artificial Turf

Premium Grass Blades has been in business for over 5 years and has a strong reputation that prides itself on high quality artificial turf and stands behind an authentic 10-year synthetic grass warranty.

Artificial turf for Businesses

About Surrey

The City of Surrey is rapidly growing and is one of the most culturally diverse cities within Canada. The city encompasses land once occupied by several Halq’emeylem speaking indigenous people, before being occupied.

From its birth in 1879, the city of Surrey has been home to many families who would commute into Vancouver or Burnaby for work. That has not changed, that is why artificial turf is the perfect solution for the residents of Surrey, who do not want to spend their free non commute time, maintaining their yards.

Quality Synthetic Grass Vs Sub Standard Artificial Turf

Investing in your Surrey property with front yard artificial turf or back yard artificial turf is the easiest decision to make once you see how little to no maintenance synthetic grass can really be. When making investments you always want to make sure that your investment lasts, with our 10-year artificial turf warranty you can rest assured that we stand behind the quality of our product.

When you are ready to invest in your property for the long term with synthetic grass, you need to make sure that you are investing in a reputable artificial turf company. We are currently seeing a surge in young artificial turf companies using sub standard synthetic grass materials, especially in Surrey. Some of these turf companies are looking to capitalize off the current synthetic grass craze. These artificial turf companies may or may not be here in 5 years, let alone uphold their warranty guarantee when their product starts to break down. These synthetic grass companies may look attractive due to their locations in Surrey, as well as offering cheap artificial grass. But often, their cheap prices are due to inferior composite materials. They may look good at first but after a few years in the sun and elements degrade much faster than anticipated.

Premium Grass Blades is an authentic synthetic grass dealer, with a proven track record over many years for quality artificial grass. We only use premium grade quality materials that are safe and not toxic to you and your family pets. With high standard manufacturing practices, we design and manufacture each of our signature artificial turfs to mimic the look and feel of real grass. All our artificial turfs are tested and graded to make sure they meet all safety and quality standards.

Your Synthetic Grass Solution

Customers from Surrey turn to Premium Grass Blades not only due to the quality of artificial turf that we offer at affordable prices, but also our convenient location (20 minutes northeast of Surrey City Central). Our artificial turf company offers up to 8 different types of synthetic grass which include two different types of artificial sports putting green turf. We also offer all the hardware required for installation as well as top-dressing infill such as ZeoOdour Zeolite for pets.

Synthetic grass will not only raise the value of your home, but it will also give you a long-term solution for your front yard or back yard. A long-term solution you can trust with Premium Grass Blades.

The Premium Grass Blade Promise

Our promise to our customers means we make sure all necessary measures are taken during the manufacturing and testing processes, to get you the safest, most durable yet stylish and comfortable synthetic grass. Therefore, we can stand strongly behind our product with our 10-year warranty, and you can depend on Premium Grass Blades quality to last. All of our artificial turf offers new, modern, realistic textured synthetic grass, unlike the first generation of synthetic turf referred to as astro turf/astroturf or fake grass of the 1990s. We also provide informative information regarding all aspects of the purchase as well as guidance and design for installation. These are just a few reasons why Premium Grass Blades is Coquitlams’s first choice for synthetic grass needs.

Before and after of artificial turf installed on a playground in Maple Ridge, BC

Where Our Synthetic Grass Company is Located

Our Maple Ridge warehouse location is close to the Golden Ears bridge and just a 20-minute drive northeast of Surrey City Central.

Premium Grass Blades makes it easy and convenient for our clients to pick up their orders or stop by for samples. Just drive down to our Showroom at Unit 102 20285 Stewart Crescent in Maple Ridge during showroom hours to chat with our knowledgable staff on the right turf for your project. You can also book a 30-minute online zoom consultation, or onsite artificial turf consultation through our contact us page. We are also able to fulfill most artificial turf orders within 24-48 hours once processed, and we offer curbside delivery at a very low cost for Surrey customers.

Buy your synthetic grass online through our store at www.premiumgrassblade.com or contact us at [email protected]