$5.49$5.99 sq. ft.

Currently Premium Grass Blades has 2 types of Sports Putting Greens. Putting Green 50 and Putting Green 60. Please select which model you would like.

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The Premium Sports Putt features a smooth and consistent surface that precisely responds to golf ball movements, simulating a professional golf green. It offers a ball roll speed of 9-12 on the stimpmeter, ensuring consistent and accurate rolls every time. Enhanced with advanced UV-resistant technology, this putting green retains its vibrant green color and durability year after year.

Recognized as the industry’s top premium putting green, it is unmatched in quality, perfect for avid golfers. The Premium Sports Putt is environmentally friendly and safe for families, using non-toxic materials that protect children and pets. It requires little maintenance, eliminating the need for mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Installation is simple, providing a premium golfing experience at home quickly.

Choosing the Premium Sports Putt from Premium Grass Blades means investing in unmatched quality and realistic playability, significantly enhancing your golf practice. Opt for this elite synthetic grass solution to elevate your golf game.

Suggested fringe turf would be Hemlock, Cool Sage, and EverGreen.

Suggested infill: 2-4 Lbs per sqft of Putting Green Sand

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Weight 0.65 lbs
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50, 60


How to calculate your roll length

The widths of the rolls are fixed, only the length of the roll can be cut, Sold in linear foot.

For example, selecting 10 will give you a length of 10 ft (65 ft2 coverage on a 6.5 ft wide roll or 130 ft2 on a 13 roll). Seaming tape is only required if you are joining 2 or more rolls together.”  An extra 6 inches in length is always suggested to give room mishaps or to give slack while installing

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