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Why use the Artificial Turf in Tsawwassen?

In the arid climate of Tsawwassen, artificial turf can survive well without water. Many residential and commercial property owners prefer synthetic turf to natural grass because of its year-round green appearance.

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Visit www.premiumgrassblade.com to buy artificial turf for your yards, balconies, rooftops, parks, and decks in Tsawwassen.

Artificial Turf in Tsawwassen

About Tsawwassen

Tsawwassen, a Hun’qum’i’num referring to “Land Facing the Sea”, is a suburban coastal community and a tourist destination in British Columbia. With 40% of the population under 18 years, the community is youthful and expanding and comprises seafaring Coast Salish people. Tsawwassen is proud of its deep cultural traditions, hospitable reputation, and rich past. Every year, on the B.C. Day long weekend in August, Tsawwassen hosts the Sun Festival, which often includes a parade, live music, and several events like activities for children, food booths, and sporting competitions.

Tsawwassen Arts Centre in the town is proactive towards the visual, performing, and literary arts. Tsawwassen Beach Neighborhood Nature Trail, Tsawwassen First Nation Boardwalk, and Brunswick Point Trail are well known for outdoor activities like hiking, riding, and trail running. Who would want to worry about maintaining the yard rather than exploring these exciting ventures of the town? Premium Grass Blades offers top-notch artificial grass that will improve the appearance of your residence and give you plenty of time to explore the neighbourhood.

Artificial Grass in Tsawwassen

Tsawwassen is popular for its dry and sunny climate compared to other locations in Metro Vancouver. Artificial turf is a prominent alternative to keep your yard looking vibrant in harsh weather as well. Along with the residential properties, sports fields like Tsawwassen Park, Winskill Park, Mackie Park, and Holly Park also utilize synthetic turf. To assist customers in accomplishing their vision for green places, Premium Grass Blades have partnered with various landscapers, contractors, and landscape design firms. Artificial grass production techniques have significantly advanced over time, allowing customers to select from multiple colours, textures, and thicknesses.

Your Synthetic Grass Solution

Premium Grass Blades is a one-stop solution for all synthetic grass requirements, from installation to routine cleaning. We provide over eight different artificial turf varieties that can be used for diverse purposes. Our turf is made from high-quality raw materials and is non-toxic and safe for your family and pets. Purchasing Premium Grass Blades artificial turf is a long-term alternative for getting free from lawn mowing. Our company has earned recognition over the last six years for offering artificial turf of the highest quality at a very affordable cost. Along with the tools required for installation, we also provide top-dressing infill for dogs like ZeoOdour Zeolite

The Premium Grass Blade Promise

At Premium Grass Blades, we ensure all necessary measures are taken during the manufacturing and testing processes to get you the safest, most durable yet stylish, and comfortable artificial grass. This is why we can stand firmly behind our product with our 10-year warranty, and you can depend on Premium Grass Blades’s quality to last. We also provide informative information regarding all aspects of purchasing your synthetic turf and guidance and design for installation. These are just a few reasons why Premium Grass Blades is the number one artificial turf company in Burnaby.

Before and after of artificial turf installed on a playground in Maple Ridge, BC

Where Our Synthetic Grass Company is Located

The Maple Ridge warehouse of Premium Grass Blades is close to the Golden Ears Bridge and Lougheed Highway 7.

Our clients can visit the warehouse anytime to pick up their orders. If you are planning to buy artificial turf for your landscape, visit the warehouse to see the samples. Drive down to our showroom, Unit 102, 20285 Stewart Crescent in Maple Ridge, to talk to our knowledgeable staff about choosing suitable turf according to your project. You can also book a 30-minute online zoom consultation from our contact page. We also provide curbside delivery to all our Tsawwassen customers at little to no cost.

Buy artificial turf via our online store at www.premiumgrassblade.com or contact us at [email protected].