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Artificial Turf Products

Welcome to the future of grass!

Premium Grass Blades

Synthetic Grass Products & Installation

No seeding, watering, aerating, and best of all No Mowing!

Kid friendly, Pet friendly, Stress free grass that just simply looks beautiful all year round with little to no maintenance.
Let Premium Grass Blades educate and guide you to the right product that would suit you and your families needs.
Premium Grass Blades now offers payment plans on artificial turf purchases. Please contact us for options.

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Let our installation experts ensure your Premium Grass Blades investment is professionally installed to suit any design you have in mind. Premium Grass Blades utilizes several award-winning independent installation contractors, who specialize in landscape design and have many levels of distinctions within the turf industry. Premium Grass Blades also works in close cooperation with several major landscaping companies enabling Premium Grass Blades to support any landscape or hardscape project beyond synthetic grass installation. This collaboration allows expert professionals in all fields to work together and give the customer the highest quality service at the best value. Contact us today and let us help you bring your custom landscape design to life. Generally, for the full installation, prices range from $11-15 per sqft for under 1000 sqft, including all materials. It is always best to contact us for a quote.


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