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Drive up the value of your home with a well-manicured artificial turf front yard, with little to no maintenance for you.

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Invest in synthetic grass for your backyard and spend more of your time on the things you enjoy.

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Order any one of our premium artificial turfs online at premiumgrassblade.com, and have your turf delivered to your door.

Sunset over the city of Abbotsford

About Abbotsford

First settled by the Coast Salish people, Abbotsford is unique in bringing residential, commercial, and farming together in a well-adjusted balance throughout the city. Well known for the Abbotsford air show and its agriculture, Abbotsford is the kind of city that’s made for everyone, regardless of your interests. From large farming properties to high-rise condominiums to family homes that trail the side of mountains, the opportunities for artificial turf of endless.

Artificial Grass in Abbotsford

As you can imagine installing synthetic grass on various landscapes can prove challenging if you’re not a professional in the field. But, as the city grows, the new developments run up the sides of hills and mountains that will be blown away to help create a surface to build on. This can sometimes make access to backyard environments challenging to navigate with landscape machinery. Therefore, we recommend that you have your artificial grass professionally installed for the best results and the least amount of work for you. In recent years, we have also seen increased chafer beetle infestations in Abbotsford soil; at their early stages, the grubs are white, C-shaped with six legs, soft, with a tan-colored head. Their ability to reproduce rapidly and their need to feed on roots of all kinds of plants, including grass sod, has made them a severe invasive pest within north America. Health by-laws prohibiting the use of neonicotinoid pesticides have left many homeowners with no choice but to renew their sod every year. Over time, this becomes very costly with the same finishing result, facing another infestation the following year. The process of installing artificial grass will not only remove the chance of a chafer beetle infestation, but it will give you 10-15 years of beautiful, green, worry-free front or back yard.

Your Synthetic Grass Solution

Premium Grass Blades is an authentic synthetic grass dealer with a proven track record for quality artificial grass over many years. We only use premium-grade quality materials that are safe and not toxic to you and your family pets. With high standard manufacturing practices, we design and manufacture each of our signature artificial turfs to mimic the look and feel of natural grass.

For example, customers from Abbotsford turn to Premium Grass Blades due to the quality of our artificial turf at affordable prices and our convenient location 35 minutes north of Abbotsford. We offer up to 8 different types of synthetic grass, including two different types of artificial sports putting green. We also provide all the hardware required for installation and top-dressing infill, such as ZeoOdour Zeolite for pets. Synthetic grass will not only raise the value of your home, but it will also give you a long-term solution for your front yard or back yard. A long-term solution you can trust with Premium Grass Blades.

The Premium Grass Blade Promise

At Premium Grass Blades, we ensure all necessary measures are taken during the manufacturing and testing processes to get you the safest, most durable yet stylish, and comfortable artificial grass. This is why we can stand firmly behind our product with our 10-year warranty, and you can depend on Premium Grass Blades’s quality to last. We also provide informative information regarding all aspects of purchasing your synthetic turf and guidance and design for installation. These are just a few reasons why Premium Grass Blades is the number one artificial turf company in Maple Ridge.

Before and after of artificial turf installed on a playground in Maple Ridge, BC

Where Our Synthetic Grass Company is Located

Our Maple Ridge warehouse location is close to the Golden Ears Bridge and Lougheed Highway 7. Premium Grass Blades makes it easy and convenient for our clients to pick up their orders or stop by for samples. Just drive down to our Showroom at Unit 102 20285 Stewart Crescent in Maple Ridge during showroom hours to chat with our knowledgable staff on the right turf for your project. We can also fulfill most artificial turf orders within 24-48 hours once processed, and we offer curbside delivery at a meager cost for our Abbotsford customers. Buy your synthetic grass online through our store at www.premiumgrassblade.com or contact us at [email protected]