5Ft Artificial Spiral Cedar

5Ft Artificial Spiral Cedar

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1. 5ft
2. Green
3. UV 3 years
4. PVC
5. 22kg/pc


Reimagine your living spaces with the splendor of nature and a dash of artistic panache, introducing our premium 5ft spiral boxwood trees! Crafted to perfection, these trees don’t just imitate the real thing; they elevate it. A stunning home accessory, these boxwood trees embody a unique blend of style, sophistication, and durability that is sure to make a statement wherever they are placed.


Every inch of the trees is meticulously designed with high-quality, multi-tone green PVC blades, achieving an uncanny resemblance to lush, real foliage. Standing tall at 5 feet, these trees make their presence known with a grandeur that can transform any ordinary setting into an extraordinary one. And with each tree weighing a sturdy 22kg, they offer balance and stability, assuring you of their unwavering presence regardless of the elements.


Let’s delve a little deeper into what makes these trees so remarkable. Not only are they eye-catching, but they’re also smartly designed for longevity. Thanks to the special UV protection, they can retain their vibrant green hue for a minimum of three years, even under constant sun exposure. So say goodbye to sun-faded faux plants and hello to lasting color and quality.


Now, where could these stylish spirals be displayed for the ultimate effect? Let’s embark on an imaginative journey. Picture a pair of these trees in large planters flanking your front door, turning an ordinary entrance into an inviting, elegant portal. Imagine them strategically placed around your pool or patio, creating a serene and stylish outdoor sanctuary. Or envisage them in a corporate setting, enhancing an office lobby with a touch of green sophistication.


So why wait? These 5ft spiral boxwood trees are more than just another home accessory – they’re a testament to tasteful living. They are the epitome of style, convenience, and longevity, ready to breathe life into your spaces. Bring these wonders home and let the magic unfold, one spiral at a time.


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