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Everglades is one of the best artificial turfs on the market; this is due not only to its natural organic look and its extremely dense and tall turf blades; but also its ability to bring together style and comfort in one product making it one of the most comfortable artificial turfs on the market.

Everglades has more turf blade material per sqft than any other artificial turf, manufactured with wide-ranging durability, from high-quality yarn to heavy-duty solid PU backing foundation. Capable of handling heavy traffic due to a highly dense stitch rate yet soft enough to lay on, Everglades is one of Premium Grass Blades’s Signature artificial turfs.

Ideal applications include high-traffic areas, general-use landscaping, playgrounds, daycares, sidewalk boulevards, & rooftop gardens.

Blade Height:
52 mm / 2.05 Inch
Blade Color:
Olive/ Forest Green
Density Stitch Rate:
17 stitch per 3 7/8 “
Face Weight:
90 oz / sq yd
Total Weight:
118oz / sq yd
Roll Widths:
7.5ft & 15ft Wide


Total Area (sq. ft.)
Product Price


If there were a hierarchy in artificial turf, Everglades would be king.

When our design team set out to create Everglades, we knew it would be a trial to find the perfect balance between durability and comfort while making it affordable for our customers. But as anyone on our design team would tell you, the premium grass blades team loves a challenge. With comfort, style, and affordability in mind, we got to work.

When designing any artificial turf, the challenge is always bringing together the needs of customers in one product, while not wavering on our durability standards that we stand behind with our 10-year warranty.

While designing this specific artificial turf, we brought together suitable yarns to help achieve the look, feel, and longevity to withstand our Canadian winters. Sturdy Blades that stand tall and are still soft and comfortable to the touch are one of the most challenging aspects of artificial turf design. With enough determination, our design team brought Everglades to life; it delivers the look and feel of luxury while providing the trusted Premium Grass Blades durability and longevity, all the while keeping it affordable for our customers.

Everglades can be used in almost all installations; it can withstand high-traffic areas making it great for playgrounds at home or daycares and schools, poolside helping keep dirt and sand out of your pool, the perfect surrounding for your hot tub, luxurious rooftop gardens, general backyard, and front yard use, and so much more. As the years go by, we have found that people use artificial turf in the most imaginative ways. This is why we at Premium Grass Blades design and manufacture mouldable products that can be used in different settings. We don’t, however, recommend Everglades for living walls due to its weight; this product is best used when laid on a flat surface.


Blade Height:
52 mm / 2.05 Inch
Blade Color:
Olive/ Forest Green
Bottom Color:
Yellow & Green
Density Stitch Rate:
17 stitch per 3 7/8 “
Gauge: 3/8 inch
Backing: Dual Polypropylene backing
Backing Coating:
Face Weight:
90 oz / sq yd
Total Weight:
118oz / sq yd

Roll Size:
15 x Up to 65 FT
7.5 x Up to 65 FT

Product Warranty: 15 Years

Additional information

Weight 0.89 lbs


How to calculate your roll length

The widths of the rolls are fixed, only the length of the roll can be cut, Sold in linear foot.

For example, selecting 10 will give you a length of 10 ft (75 ft2 coverage on a 7.5 ft wide roll or 150ft2 on a 15 roll). Seaming tape is only required if you are joining 2 or more rolls together.”  An extra 6 inches in length is always suggested to give room mishaps or to give slack while installing

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7 reviews for EVERGLADES

  1. Jenna Davis

    We are so glad we went with the Everglades for our artificial turf. Our little one fell from our playground (only 1.5ft) but landed on the soft and thick Everglades turf. Minimal damage done to the little one. Thank you for steering us toward the Everglades for our kid’s safety

  2. Tara J

    This turf is amazing. Looks so real

  3. Tim Win

    Hands down this is the best turf on the market, extremely thick and dense

  4. John

    This turf is crazy heavy-duty… it stands straight up always

  5. Laura Fitzgerald

    Thank you for delivering this turf for our landscaper to install. He did a wonderful job installing it and we love the feel of the turf under our feet. Its so thick and dense, it almost feels like walking on a cloud.

  6. Helen T

    When the guys delivered this turf, it did not look too heavy as they moved it with no problem off the flat deck and to our garage. With help from our neighbors (Case of beer) we got it brought to the backyard. This turf is thick and dense, hence the weight. It was easy to seam because the grass tuffs are so long. It looks absolutely stunning and its soooo nice to lay on.

  7. Nadim Tse

    Where are you guys located now? I went to your location and Stewart Cres and you were gone! I need more of this turf for my new house.

    • Premium Grass Blades

      Hi Nadim,
      Back in April 2022, we moved just down the road, to 20285 Stewart Crescent Unit 102. Please come check out our new showroom with our Everglades turf

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