Our Synthetic Grass Company in Coquitlam

Artificial Turf On Your Boulevard

Synthetic grass has little to no maintenance and is the perfect solution for the boulevard that everyone loves but no one wants to maintain.

Residential Artificial Turf

Our premium quality artificial turf is your answer to a chafer beetle which is devastating most of Coquitlam yards.

Synthetic Grass for Commercial Purposes

With so many sports tournaments being held at Coquitlam sport fields, it is no surprise that the city of Coquitlam turned to artificial turf for their low maintenance long term solution.

View of the bridge during sunset in Pitt Meadows

About Coquitlam

The City of Coquitlam (Kwikwetlem) first settled by the Coast Salish peoples, is conveniently located 20 minutes from our warehouse at 20300 Stewart Crescent way.

Coquitlam has such a fascinating history, from celebrities of old fishing in the Fraser River, to many of the historical landmarks that stand to this day. Throughout the years even with rapid growth, Coquitlam has managed to do something that most cities struggle with. They have managed to find a perfect blend between urban areas and wilderness. You can enjoy all the conveniences of urban residential living, all the while residing minutes from lakes, parks, or hiking through the woods.

Artificial Turf in Coquitlam

The city of Coquitlam knows the value of artificial turf, and chose to use synthetic grass on most of their athletic fields throughout the city. Coquitlam recognized all the benefits of synthetic turf and cost savings from low maintenance, no water requirements, no fertilizer costs, and that synthetic grass is green all year round; regardless of how much rain or sun the local area of Coquitlam receives annually. Synthetic turf also circumvents mud puddles, flooded sections, and damage caused by athletic shoes unlike real grass turf. Now, Coquitlam city welcomes many visitors all year around to their artificial turf fields for various sporting tournaments.

When driving around Coquitlam it is evidently clear that owners of properties do what they can to contribute to the city’s natural beauty, with well manicured artificial turf lawns. For those who choose to stick to a traditional grass lawn, more often than not, we see them losing the battle to the invasive species known as the European Chafer Beetle.

The larvae of these pests eat away the roots of grass, but that’s not the worst of it. Birds, raccoons, and other animals find these larvae delicious and tear up the lawn trying to dig them out. Many residents have tried to replace their sod yearly, only to find that the infestation takes over again. Frustrated by the time and money wasted they have turned to our artificial turf company for a more long term solution with synthetic grass.

Your Synthetic Grass solution

Customers from Coquitlam turn to Premium Grass Blades not only due to our convenient location (20 minutes eastbound on highway 7), but also due to the quality of artificial turf we offer at affordable prices. The installation process for laying down artificial grass impedes the chafer beetle’s natural environment, stopping lawn degradation. The investment in synthetic grass raises the value of your home, allowing our artificial turf company Premium Grass Blades to give you a long-term solution for your front yard or back yard with our artificial turf.

The Premium Grass Blade Promise

Our promise to our customers means we make sure all necessary measures are taken during the manufacturing and testing processes, to get you the safest, most durable yet stylish and comfortable synthetic grass. Therefore, we can stand strongly behind our product with our 10-year warranty, and you can depend on Premium Grass Blades quality to last. All of our artificial turf offers new, modern, realistic textured synthetic grass, unlike the first generation of synthetic turf referred to as astro turf/astroturf or fake grass of the 1990s. We also provide informative information regarding all aspects of the purchase as well as guidance and design for installation. These are just a few reasons why Premium Grass Blades is Coquitlams’s first choice for synthetic grass needs.

Before and after of artificial turf installed on a playground in Maple Ridge, BC

Where Our Synthetic Grass Company is Located

Our Maple Ridge warehouse location is close to the Golden Ears bridge and just a 20-minute drive eastbound on highway 7 from Coquitlam.

Premium Grass Blades makes it easy and convenient for our clients to pick up their orders or stop by for samples. Just drive down to our Showroom at Unit 102 20285 Stewart Crescent in Maple Ridge during showroom hours to chat with our knowledgeable staff on the right turf for your project.  You can also book a 30-minute online zoom consultation, or onsite artificial turf consultation through our contact us page. We are also able to fulfill most artificial turf orders within 24-48 hours once processed, and we offer curbside delivery at a very low cost for Coquitlam customers.

Buy your synthetic grass online through our store at www.premiumgrassblade.com or contact us at [email protected]