Effective on all Premium Grass Blades Artificial Turf Purchased after March 1, 2024

Congratulations on your choice of Premium Grass Blades!

We take immense pride in the quality and durability of our artificial grass products. This warranty document outlines the terms and conditions of your coverage to ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind for Premium Grass Blades artificial turf. The term PGB will be interchangeable with Premium Grass Blades for this document.

Unless otherwise stated, all landscape artificial turf purchased after March 1, 2024, is covered by PGB’s fifteen Year Limited Warranty. The 15-year Limited Warranty is only valid for original purchasers from when the artificial turf was purchased.  The turf must be installed following PGB’s installation guidelines and specifications. The turf must be maintained following PGB’s maintenance recommendations, which will continue throughout the warranty period. Neglecting the turf or improper installation or usage will void the warranty. Failure to provide proper evidence or to follow PGB’s instructions will not be covered under warranty. Failure to follow the advised infill amounts will also void the warranty. The original invoice must be presented at the time of claim. Installation guidelines, specifications, and turf care recommendations can be obtained from your dealer or PGB’s website, www.PremiumGrassBlades.com.

Warranty Coverage

Effective on Artificial Turf Purchased after March 1, 2024:

What does PGB’s 15-year Limited Warranty Cover?


PGB warrants that residential turf, under regular and normal use, when installed and maintained as recommended by PGB, will meet industry standards for tuft binding and will not delaminate from the face of the turf.  Our landscape turf is explicitly manufactured for cold North American winters and warm summers but is engineered for general landscape applications only.

Blade Degradation

PGB hereby warrants that its residential landscape artificial turf, when installed and maintained in accordance with the recommended procedures for proper general landscape use and applications, shall be free from ultraviolet degradation, which may result in blade deterioration or loss. Failure to meet this standard is defined as the loss of 50% of the tufted product’s blade, based on the original weight of the product at the time of manufacturing, as per the test method ASTM D5848. Any actual degradation shall be evidenced by a deterioration of the yarn and loss of pile height. It is important to note that failure does not encompass a decrease in the pile height of the face yarn due to surface compression resulting from normal wear. Please check out our Warranty details online for exclusions and specifics, or contact us directly at [email protected].

Warranty Procedures

In the event of any warranty claim, the initial purchaser is obligated to promptly notify the authorized PGB’s Dealer in writing within 90 days of the issue becoming evident, accompanied by the following documentation:
A valid proof of purchase and a comprehensive description of the issue encountered or photographic evidence or physical samples elucidating the nature of the warranty concern.

Warranty Service

If a covered defect is discovered, Premium Grass Blades shall either undertake repair or offer credit for replacement. The credit shall be equivalent to the original purchase price, prorated over the 15-year warranty term, with the prorated material value to be calculated at a rate of less than one-fifteenth (1/15) per annum from the date of purchase.

For all products utilized in commercial, non-residential, or sports applications, including Putting Green materials, a 8-year warranty period applies. In such instances, the credit amount shall equate to the original purchase price, prorated over the 8-year warranty term. The prorated material value is to be covered at a rate of less than one-seventh (1/8) per annum from the date of purchase.

PGB Artificial Grass Warranty Exclusions:

  • Installation not compliant with PGB guidelines.
  • Discoloration, soiling, or appearance alterations due to pile flattening or distortion.
  • Damage from substances that degrade the blade face/turf colour, including cleaning agents, pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals.
  • Damage from direct or reflective heat exceeding 65° Celsius or from flammable materials, which melt or burn the turf
  • Installation in abnormal use areas, including stairs, landings, playgrounds, swings, golf areas or contact sports
  • Damage from inappropriate footwear (metal cleats, hard plastic cleats, metal golf spikes) or sports equipment.
  • Exposure to excessive wear from abrasion or inadequate sub-base, which can also include improper drainage and flooding
  • Movement or wear due to insufficient or improper infill products.
  • Not infilling the turf to the advised infill amounts per type of turf
  • Lack of proper maintenance, protection, or repair.
  • Products sold online or from warehouses as “as-is”, “remnant”, “roll ends: or “cut-offs” are without warranty.

This warranty is non-transferable and applies solely to the initial buyer. PGB does not authorize any individual or organization to assume or establish any responsibility or liability related to this product. PGB will not be responsible for any indirect, special, or consequential damages resulting from violating this limited warranty, or any implied warranty.