The Premium Grass Blades Boxwood Panels are designed with an acute attention to detail that is sure to captivate the most discerning eye. Each 20″x20″ panel is packed with a dense array of 324 leaves, their realistic texture and vivid green hue embodying the essence of natural beauty. Woven amongst this lush verdancy, delicate white jasmine flowers offer a subtle and charming contrast, infusing a touch of spring into every season.

In addition to the visual appeal, the product is constructed with the highest quality polyethylene (PE) material, designed to resist UV damage. This ensures the rich green color remains vibrant under relentless sun exposure, making the panels perfect for outdoor use. Yet, the durability doesn’t come at the cost of flexibility. The panels are as malleable as they are robust, enabling you to fit them into any space or around any contour.

Ease of assembly is another feature that sets these panels apart. The ingenious snap-together points make connecting multiple panels a breeze. Whether you envision a continuous green wall or an intricate pattern, creating your bespoke design is as straightforward as joining the dots. And, if the standard size doesn’t quite fit your space, the easy-to-cut backing allows you to tailor each panel to your exact requirements.

The Premium Grass Blades Boxwood Panels are an epitome of style, functionality, and longevity. They offer an effortless solution to incorporate a pop of green into your space while adding a whimsical touch with the jasmine flowers. A perfect blend of sophistication and simplicity, they promise to transform your environment, indoors or outdoors, into a serene and inviting sanctuary.