Allows for easy rotation of turf mats while one is getting cleaned and drying
The Premium Grass Blades Dog Potty is durable and looks and feels great. Made of premium PE & PP materials, the Dog Potty looks like real and lush grass. The Dog Potty is wear-resistant, nonslip, and resilient. The turf is so soft to the touch that pets will be hard to distinguish it from real grass. Puppy Potty Mat is safe on even the most sensitive pet paws. It is non-toxic, fire and corrosion resistant withstands rain, sun, and wear and tear.

The turf comes with drainage holes so that the urine drains below.

Puppy training pads can be used under the turf to absorb any urine, which allows for easy clean up.

Premium Grass Blades can also cut other sizes of turf mats if needed.  Please contact us for custom sizes and prices.