Behold our enchanting Cedar Trees, available in both 5ft and 6ft widths. These artisan creations, meticulously crafted from the highest quality PVC, encapsulate the elegance and charisma of natural cedar trees. From their leafy canopy showcasing myriad tones of green to their sturdy trunks, every detail has been considered, delivering a breathtaking ode to the forest’s majesty.


Starting with the 5ft Cedar Tree, this elegant specimen weighs in at a practical 22kg. Perfectly suited for smaller or more intimate spaces, it effortlessly infuses them with a sense of the great outdoors. Can you imagine your reading nook or home office infused with the calming vibe of a forest glade? How about nestled by your hot tub, providing a touch of privacy and transforming your soak into a forest retreat? Its size lends itself to versatility, allowing you to explore various placements and atmospheres.


Then, we have the 6ft Cedar Tree, a commanding presence at 25kg. It is the epitome of grandeur and perfectly at home in larger, open spaces. Visualize this tree taking center stage in your grand foyer, lending your entrance a unique elegance that leaves your guests in awe. Think about it by your patio, becoming the conversation piece during your outdoor parties. Or even at the entrance of your house, creating a striking first impression and setting the tone for the rest of your property.


No matter where you place these trees, they stand resilient against the elements. Both sizes offer UV protection for a solid three years, ensuring your investment retains its lush vibrancy, even under the sun’s persistent glare.


These aren’t just trees; they are manifestations of the perfect harmony between the tranquility of nature and the comfort of your home. They transform your spaces into sanctuaries, providing a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of modern living. The flexibility they offer in terms of placement, be it the hot tub, grand foyer, entrance of the house, or even your living room, ensures that every corner of your home can be a verdant retreat.


In choosing our 5ft or 6ft Cedar Trees, you are not merely buying a decorative piece; you’re investing in a lifestyle, a certain ambiance, a unique form of expression. The placement, the setting, the aura each tree creates is a testament to your personal style, and a nod to your appreciation for the harmony of nature. So why wait? Bring home the serenity of the forest and let your interiors tell a story that’s uniquely yours.