How is the synthetic grass sold?

At Premium Grass Blades, we sell the synthetic grass by the square foot by the width of the roll. Most Premium Grass Blades rolls come in widths of 6.5 feet and 13 feet wide. Although, we do have others which come in 6,12, and 15 feet widths. Please check each turf type specs for sizing.
We cut 6.5 feet wide rolls length from 3 feet to 66 feet.
The 13 feet wide rolls can be cut from 3 feet to  66 feet.

Why can’t PGB cut the synthetic grass roll by the width?

Our cutting machine only allows the rolls to be cut lengthwise. So all custom cuts are 6.5 feet x min 6 feet or 13 feet x min 6 feet.

What is the size of full rolls?

6.5  Feet x 66 feet = 429 SqFt


13 Feet x 66 feet = 858 SqFt

1 full roll weighs approximately 350-400 lbs

We do also have some special sizes, please contact for details.

How much is the delivery fee?

Generally, delivery to curbside within the Lower Mainland ranges from $39.99-$99.00. Please contact us with your address before ordering as some deliveries are subject to a gas surcharge on locations with excessive distance. Orders over $4500, within Greater Vancouver & Fraser Valley Regional Districts come with free shipping.  Please contact us for details as some conditions do apply. Generally, delivery to the backyard within the lower mainland $79-99. Please speak to us directly with the details of the yard and the location before ordering, as this service is not always offered. If you require shipping outside of the Greater Vancouver & Fraser Valley Regional Districts please contact us directly for the freight charges. Please note, that when shipping outside of the Greater Vancouver & Fraser Valley Regional Districts freight charges are considerably higher for 13 ft length rolls than 6.5 ft length rolls.  This is because the 13 ft length rolls cannot be palletized and require a more custom delivery.

Where is PGB located? Is there a storefront to view samples?

PGB’s warehouse is located in Maple Ridge at 20030 Stewart Crescent Unit 6 with the head office in Mission, BC. We do not have a showroom; you can either book an appointment to come see our turf out of our Maple Ridge location or depending on your location we can come to you. You can also see our turf in person, 24 hours a day, as we have a full exhibit outside of our Maple Ridge warehouse with all of our turfs on display, with samples you can take home. This keeps our overhead costs low; we can then pass the savings on to our customers.

Do I have to pay for a delivery charge or can I pick up my grass for free?

Yes, you can pick up your Premium Grass Blades rolls from our Maple Ridge location at 20030 Stewart Crescent, Unit 6.  Rolls are generally 6.5-15 feet long so please bring a trailer or truck. 24-48 hours notice is required. Please contact us to confirm this service is available, as it is by appointment only.

Is Premium Grass Blades safe for children & pets?

All grass stocked by Premium Grass Blades has been tested for heavy metals and have passed tests with no evidence of lead or no traces of the heavy metal toxins. All grass conforms and meets ISO9001 and ISO14000:2011 standards of quality management production.

What is Premium Grass Blades warranty?

Please see our limited warranty for information.

What is Premium Grass Blades return policy?

Due to the nature of our products we do not accept returns, all deposits are Non-Refundable.

What type of payment does Premium Grass Blades accept?

Premium Grass Blades accepts credit cards for up to $3500, Interac E Transfers, certified cheques, cash and/or financing. At this time, we can only accept up to $3500 for online purchases through credit card.  The remaining balance must be paid by Interac E Transfers, certified cheque, cash and/or financing. Please contact us after the order goes through using your credit card for the options on the remaining balance.

How does the financing option work for paying for  Premium Grass Blades turf?

Premium Grass Blades leverages a third party finance company to support payment plans. Payment plans can be customized up to 180 months, and the finance rate is dependable on your credit rating.  Generally most customers receive 4.99-10.99% annual interest. Please contact us for details as conditions do apply.