Pet Care artificial turf renewal treatment is a service that aims to remove topical and deeply embedded debris such as moss, algae, and pet waste that has collected deep within your synthetic grass. All topical debris is collected and disposed of; your artificial grass is then cleaned using a turf-specific cleaning machine and sanitized using synthetic grass-friendly chemicals that are safe for your kids and pets. An enzymatic chemical cleaner is sprayed over the area, slowly eating away, and absorbing any missed biological material. Then if required, we can do a second pass over the area with our disinfecting and deodorizing solutions. Your artificial turf renewal team might suggest replenishing your Zeolite sand to help contain pet odours until your next clean.


Pick up and clean up of topical debris

Our turf renewal team will remove any topical debris that may have gathered on your artificial grass. Over time, your artificial grass can become a collecting ground for various leaves, helicopters, surface weeds, or even dirt. Our turf renewal team will use a leaf blower, vacuum, and rakes to gather the loose topical debris.


Deep debris removal

Once the topical debris is removed, your turf renewal team will use the aid of a power broom that infiltrates deeper into the blades. This process pulls up any pet hair or other solid waste that has settled deep into the base of your artificial turf blades; by bringing it up to the surface, we can then go ahead and remove it before our deep cleaning stage. This will also help your turf’s longevity by ensuring that the drainage holes in your synthetic grass are not obstructed and that any moss or algae build-up is removed.


Deep Cleaning

Once all topical and deep debris removal is completed, your turf renewal team will proceed to deep clean your artificial grass. This step requires a professional-grade artificial turf cleaner equipped with the proper artificial turf cleaning solutions to sanitize and disinfect your synthetic grass. Your turf renewal team must access your water and power supply to complete this process.


Sanitization& Odour removal

The sanitization process is done using a commercial-grade biological artificial turf-specific cleaner; this is sprayed on the area by your turf renewal team and left to work and eat away at any unpleasant organic material that is left.


Refresh and Renew

Once your turf renewal team has finished the clean-up, our team may suggest a refresh of the infill; this is an essential step for anyone with pets. Silica and zeolite are available; this will be spread over your synthetic grass and then power broomed to help distribute your infill deeper into your artificial turf thatch; this will require an added charge for materials.

When completed, our turf renewal team will do a walk-through and address any other concerns you may have regarding your artificial grass. Prices start at $219.

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