Artificial Synthetic Turf Grass Rake

Used for a maintenance tool to keep your Premium Grass Blades synthetic grass lawn looking well groomed year after year. Helps to stand turf blades nice and tall. Can also be used for spreading infill during installation and grooming. Seasonally this is the perfect tool for raking leaves and debris from your Premium Grass Blades synthetic grass lawn. The flexible nylon tines are designed to avoid damage to the lawn blades.]

Discover the convenience and functionality of the Premium Grass Blades Artificial Turf Rake. Specially designed for artificial turf installations, this collapsible rake offers a handle length adjustable from 27″ to 48″, making it perfect for varied needs. Its 18″ broom head width ensures optimal coverage, while its lightweight design at just 2 lbs promises effortless handling. Easy storage is a breeze with its collapsible feature. Experience improved turf maintenance with our durable, versatile, and space-saving artificial turf rake. Ideal for homeowners and professionals alike.