Forest Green is easy to fall in love with, dense and full; one step on this turf, and you will feel the difference. Forest Green boasts beautiful uneven W blades creating a natural look and allowing for cooler summer temperatures. The W-shaped blades also allow more rigidness forcing the blades to stand up nice and tall, which in turn creates less maintenance. A high stitch rate means more material per sqft, and a thick thatch gives this turf its cushioned comfort, perfect for the whole family. Forest Green can be used in many different applications due to its thickness and durability. Ideal applications include high-traffic areas, general-use landscaping, playgrounds, daycares, sidewalk boulevards, & rooftop gardens.
Blade Height: 47.5 mm / 1.87 Inch
Blade Color: Olive/ Lawn & Forest Green
Density Stitch Rate: 16 stitch per 3 7/8 "
Face Weight: 78 oz / sq yd
Total Weight: 104oz / sq yd
Roll Widths: 7.5ft & 15ft Wide