Soft Grass is Premium Grass Blades’ cost-effective solution for installing artificial turf on a tight budget.

Soft Grass is ideal for decks, gardens, RV areas, and medium-traffic areas. Due to its price point, durability, and natural appearance, it is the choice for most recreational applications.

Ideal for general light-use applications and areas where you want the grass to look without maintenance.

Rolls are 12ft wide and up to 120ft long


Blade Height:
35 mm / 1.38″
Blade Color:
Emerald, Olive/ Forest Green
Bottom Color:
Yellow & Green
Density Stitch Rate:
Low Density
Gauge: 3/8 inch
Backing: SBR
Backing Coating:
Face Weight:
26 oz / sq yd
Total Weight:
56 oz / sq yd

Roll Size: 12ft x Up to 120Ft

Warranty: None – Discounted Turf