Sports Putt 37, is used for smaller putting greens. Its has darker green hues than Premium Sports Putt 50, and mimics the putting greens of some of the world famous courses within North America. Sports Putt 37 come in 5 ft wide rolls.

Suggested fringe turf would be Jade, Sage and EverGreen.

Blade Height:
15mm / .59 inch
Blade Color: 
Two Tone Dark and Emerald Green
Bottom Color: 
Density Stitch Rate:
31 stitch per 3 7/8 “
Gauge: 6/32 inch
Backing: Dual Polypropylene backing
Backing Coating:
Face Weight:
37 oz / sq yd
Total Weight:
55 oz / sq yd

Roll Size:
5 x Up to 100 FT

Basic Warranty: 15 Years