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7 Crucial Tools For Installing Artifical Grass Today

Here are a few of the tools that contractors use […]

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Premium Grass Blades

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April 22, 2022

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Here are a few of the tools that contractors use while installing your artificial grass; it is essential to remember that every contractor has their unique technique that would require some or all of these tools and maybe even some that are not listed.

1. Tape Measure

The first tool, and probably the most important, is a tape measurer. You always want to make sure you have all your measurements right before starting your installation. Having a measured-out plan before you begin will help save on costs by saving on wastage.

2. Industrial Power Broom

A Power Broom, although not required, is instrumental in spreading your infill sand after your installation is complete. It also does a beautiful job of making every strand of grass stand upright. We also recommend using power brooms to help remove debris and revive your grass at the end of the winter season.

3. Turf Gripper

A turf gripper is sometimes used to help installers handle the turf; synthetic grass can be heavy and hard to maneuver. Turf grippers have been designed to lend installers a helping hand in maneuvering and moving the grass into position.

4. Circle Cutter

A circle cutter is sometimes used to cut the artificial grass around the edges of lawn applications. The artificial grass is laid over the grassed areas, and then the circle cutter is used to cut the grass away.

5. Turf Nails

Turf nails, also known as turf spikes, are used during an artificial grass installation to help stake the turf into the ground. Once your artificial grass is in position, your installer will stake the turf down into the soil around the perimeter and sometimes through the middle if necessary.

6. Line Cutter

A line cutter is a tool to cut the artificial grass in straight lines. Like a ruler, this tool is straightforward; just lay your turf backside up and use a piece of chalk to draw a line where you want to cut, simple as that.

7. Protective Gloves

Protective gloves are always a good idea when installing anything; they help protect your hands from potential cuts or scrapes from various tools and products.

Roll Out that Synthetic Grass

Many tools are used during an artificial grass installation; sometimes, every device is needed; other times, just a few. These tools are used to ensure a professional and clean artificial grass installation. Therefore, it is vital to make sure that you hire an installer who is well-versed in the tools available to them and can ensure a picture-perfect finish.

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