Artificial Grass For Strata Complexes

Artificial Grass Is Excellent For Strata Complexes

When living in a strata complex, growing natural grass can […]

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Premium Grass Blades

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October 12, 2022

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When living in a strata complex, growing natural grass can be challenging for some; here is why artificial grass is excellent for strata complexes.

Due to the way many strata complexes are laid out, some will get too much sun, some will get just enough, and some, none. This comes down to the property’s layout; strata will also tend to have stricter rules regarding what can and cannot be done with your parcel—wanting to keep things visually pleasing and uniform, and due to the minimal maintenance, most strata tend to vote for artificial turf.

Artificial grass also helps the strata save thousands on monthly maintenance fees. With a 10–20-year lifespan, once laid, the strata have little to worry about for a long while.

Little to No Maintenance

This one is obvious, and almost everyone will agree that artificial turf has little to no maintenance. Why waste financial strata resources on monthly maintenance when that money could go to alleviate costs from larger projects? Artificial turf has the ability to be whatever the person using it wants it to be; how else do you keep an entire complex happy?

Residents with children will have a nice clean, safe space for their kids to play on.

Residents with pets will appreciate the easy clean-up and lack of mud being dragged into their homes.

Residents who love to garden can now design their gardens around their yards and not have to worry about keeping the grass alive along with their gardens.

Without the need for fertilizers and insecticides, you can rest assured that whoever is on your grass will be safe.

 Choosing A Company

When choosing a company for your strata needs, there is a top three list you want to abide by.

  1. Does this company have the quality of turf that will last the 10-20 years promised?
  2. Does this company have a variety of correct style, colour, and grass height that suits your building?
  3. Does this company have a real long-term warranty?

Artificial Turf Is The Future

With our world struggling with topsoil production and water conservation, artificial turf is the future of lawns. As a strata, your responsibilities not only lay with the visuals of the lawns but also with the long-term care and maintenance. How do you get the most value for your money within the Tri-Cities, Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley? You use a premium, quality, product that will last 10-20 years with little care on your part, this is why artificial grass is excellent for strata complexes.

How Much Time Does It Take To Install Artificial Grass, And What Is The Cost

How much time does it take to install Artificial grass, and what is the cost? Well, if you’re strata who are willing to do multiple yards, you’re in luck. The more product and labour is purchased, the lower the price. At Premium Grass Blades, our business model is like the big box stores; the more materials you purchase, the more a saving you will receive. On the installation end of things, it is much easier to have multiple yards done at once rather than one by one. The installers can get in there with their machines and simplify the job, saving you labour costs.

Your strata can vote to achieve a picturesque green property by contacting our artificial grass company. Start taking back your time and money, and allow artificial turf to do what it does best, look amazing! If your strata needs ideas for their yards, please check out our Instagram page for pictures.


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