Artificial grass around a large tree in a yard

Lawn Care: Can You Use Artificial Turf Around Big Trees

For any homeowner, proper landscape maintenance is essential because it […]

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May 12, 2022

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For any homeowner, proper landscape maintenance is essential because it gives their home’s exterior beauty. Because of this, many homeowners go the extra mile in landscape maintenance. However, not all homeowners can invest in high-quality landscape fixtures, such as grass. For this reason, homeowners often invest in the next best thing: artificial grass.

Artificial grass is an artificial turf that looks like natural grass. It’s made from synthetic fibres that are moulded together with different colours, and it also has a plastic-like feel. It’s a cost-effective way of giving a yard a realistic, lush look similar to grass. However, a common concern regarding artificial grass is whether or not it can be used in a landscape where natural plants are planted, such as trees. We’ll discuss them in this article, so read on below to get started.

Can Artificial Turf Harm a Tree’s Roots?

Artificial turf is not the same as natural grass. It doesn’t need sunlight and water as natural grass does. And because it’s made from different materials, it doesn’t have the same nutrients as natural grass. As a result, artificial turf and real grass can’t fertilize each other. In addition, natural grass can’t harm the roots of a tree. Tree roots need water and air, both provided by the soil. Because artificial turf isn’t connected with the ground, it can’t interfere with a tree’s roots. In other words, a tree won’t be affected by artificial turf.

However, using artificial turf near a tree is not uncommon. For instance, some homeowners get artificial grass installed in their backyard and then plant a tree. Some homeowners also prefer using artificial turf near the roots of trees to protect them from damage, such as from your lawnmower. Because of this, artificial turf generally doesn’t have any effect on tree roots.

The Benefits of Artificial Turfs for Trees

If you’re using artificial turf around a tree, here are some benefits that you can get:

Excellent Drainage Capabilities

One of the most significant benefits of artificial turf is that it doesn’t get muddy. It also doesn’t need water, and it doesn’t require mowing. Because of this, artificial turf provides excellent drainage capabilities.

No Weeds

Because artificial turf doesn’t have any nutrients, it’s nearly impossible for weeds to grow on it. This means that no weeds need to be removed by using harsh chemicals that might harm the tree’s roots.

No Sun Damage

Plants get sunburned when they’re exposed to direct sunlight for too long. Since artificial turf doesn’t absorb sunlight, they won’t get sunburned.

Additionally, UV-filtering components applied on artificial turf makes them resistant to yellowing, cracking, and fading. Therefore, artificial turf should last for a long time, making them a good investment if you want to protect your trees.


Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to natural grass. It looks like the real thing, but it doesn’t require you to take care of it.

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