Benefits of Getting your Artificial Turf Cleaned by Premium Grass Blades

Benefits of Getting your Artificial Turf Cleaned by Premium Grass Blades

Not only is a healthy artificial lawn a place to […]

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December 29, 2022

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Not only is a healthy artificial lawn a place to create memories with family and friends, but it is also a place to rest and something to care for, which is beneficial in its way. This is why everyone should choose artificial turf cleaned by Premium Grass Blades. Premium Grass Blades are always there to help you maintain the appearance and odor of your synthetic turf over time. This article explains the Benefits of Getting your Artificial Turf Cleaned by Premium Grass Blades.

Professional turf cleaning has multiple benefits. By frequently cleaning your artificial grass, for instance, you prevent the buildup of pathogens, bacteria, and viruses that could harm you. Additionally, a clean artificial lawn allows for appropriate drainage and prevents the accumulation of allergies, debris, and other undesirable substances. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of frequently cleaning artificial grass, especially if you have pets.

Benefits of Getting your Artificial Turf Cleaning by Premium Grass Blades

A regular artificial turf cleaning schedule can keep some ugly things away and let you and your family enjoy your turf without worry. Over time, the material in the infill and blades of the turf can break down and turn into dust, which children can breathe in. This is not something you want your child, pet, or yourself to be living all the time. Cleaning and taking care of the artificial grass will ensure this doesn’t happen. Here are some of the benefits of professional turf cleaning by the Premium Grass Blades:

Cleaning Artificial Turf Helps to it Cool

People often forget that artificial turf sometimes heats up. Keeping your turf clean is the best way to keep it as cool as possible. Once your grass is clean and cool, you can keep it that way by putting an awning over some of it, using a sprinkler, or using trees and bushes to make natural shade. The best way to ensure your artificial grass stays cool enough to use all year is to clean it regularly and apply Zeo-Odour infill from Premium Grass Blades, which also helps reduce surface temperatures.

Diseases, Bacteria, and Viruses Can Live in Artificial Turf

Your artificial turf is a breeding ground for germs, and kids like to run barefoot on artificial grass because it feels good. But if they do that, they could get things like ringworm, pinworms, or black mold if the artificial turf is severely dirty. Then they bring this into your house, which is the last thing you need. As for pets, they carry fleas, ticks, and worms and are usually the source of many bad things that can get into and onto your artificial turf. So if your dog poops on the grass often, it’s more likely that parasites, viruses, and bacteria will live there, which your kids could pick up and bring inside; if you have small children, it is best to fence off an area specifically for dogs to relieve themselves.

Make Sure your Artificial Grass Drains Well

To keep the quality of your turf and make it last longer, you need to ensure it drains well. Your lawn, tennis court, or football field’s turf is made so that liquids like water and pet urine can drain through the backing and into the ground. Because the back of your artificial grass is perforated, it drains water like natural grass lawn. Premium Grass Blades’ Evergreen artificial turf has four times the amount of drainage holes to allow more liquids to pass through.

But if there is a lot of dirt and debris in the back, it can get clogged and make it hard for water to drain. When you experience poor drainage, you can also experience:

  • Growth of Bacteria, Mold, and Mildew
  • Pet Urine Smell
  • Material on the grass is getting worse

Proper drainage helps your artificial grass last longer and keeps the surface clean and safe for little hands and feet. Drainage is essential to keep your grass surface healthy and free of bacteria. Keep the drainage on your turf as good as new by lightly raking or brushing away leaves and other large debris. If you live in a dry, dusty place, you should hose down your lawn once a week to eliminate dust and small things like bits of leaves that blow into your yard.

Cleaning Artificial Turf Keeps Pet Odors Under Control

Walking outside on a sunny day and taking a deep breath of fresh air while smelling the sweet smell of… pet urine? Dogs pick a “favourite spot” and repeatedly mark their territory; this isn’t usually a problem with living lawns. However, it can become one if artificial turf surfaces aren’t cleaned or maintained regularly.

So, what does it mean to clean often? If you have pets that go to the bathroom on your lawn, you should hose down those spots as soon as the dog is done. You might want to cover the area with an antimicrobial coating between deep cleanings to stop bacteria from growing or building up. Lastly, you should deep clean your surface every so often with a cleaner that doesn’t harm the environment and doesn’t harm people. These cleaners are safe for kids and pets, who can go back to playing on the lawn as soon as the turf is dry. Our OxyTurf product is one of these products for disinfecting and deodorizing your synthetic turf.

Professional Turf Cleaning Avoids Doing Permanent Damage to Artificial Turf

If you let enough trash pile up or the kids and dog run around and play on the grass for too long, the blades of grass will start to flatten. Your grass will get worn down by heavy use, regular traffic, and use by kids and pets. Your lawn doesn’t have to look like it’s been used up, though.

A power broom is an electric tool used to brush your grass back into place and move the infill around. When using a power broom, the synthetic grass is brushed in the opposite direction that the blades are leaning. After Premium Grass Blades uses the broom, your artificial grass will look and feel better, and any flat spots or wear patterns should be gone.

Keep a Strong Foundation under your Turf

The base of your grass is essential if you want it to last as long as possible. If dirt, debris, bacteria, mold, and mildew can build up, it will not only block the drainage holes but also hurt the base of your turf. Even though all you “see” is artificial grass, things under your artificial turf make your lawn look and feel nice. Depending on where your artificial turf is, you may need shock pads to soften the grass if it was put down on the concrete. At the very least, you should spread sand or gravel under your artificial grass to help water drain away from the surface of your lawn. By cleaning your artificial lawn often, these hidden parts of the grass stay clean and free of bacteria and help your yard look lovely and last for years.

Why Artificial Turf Cleaned by Premium Grass Blades is Essential?

Even if you pick up trash and other things that can build up on your artificial grass over time, having a professional turf cleaning at least once a year is still a good idea. The turf renewal team at Premium Grass Blades has access to professional-grade tools for artificial turf cleaning in Tri-cities and area. Whether you have pets or not, your artificial grass can become a place for bacteria, moss, and algae to grow over time, among other things. All of these things can change how your artificial grass looks and how well it drains, so it’s crucial to get rid of the organic material that can build up over time in the thatch of your artificial turf.

What Artificial Turf Cleaning Services Makes the Premium Grass Blades team Offer?

Premium Grass Blades offers three cleaning services, each of which is made to fit the needs of different customers.

  • Express Artificial Turf Cleaning

This renewal treatment is a great way to clean up a place quickly and prepare it for the next season. This choice is excellent for people who don’t have pets. The debris on the surface, like weeds, is picked up. Then, a power broom is used to pull up any deeply rooted waste, like moss and algae. Then, your artificial turf maintenance team might suggest adding more infill to help your artificial grass stay nice and tall until the next cleaning.

  • Spring/Seasonal Treatment to Renew Artificial Turf

It’s a great way to clean and disinfect artificial grass. All the trash on the surface, like weeds, is picked up. Then, a power broom is used to pull up any garbage deep down, like moss and algae. Then, the professional turf cleaning team will clean your grass using a turf-specific cleaning machine with chemical injectors and a tried-and-true extraction process, which cleans the infill and the area. Finally, the industrial turf cleaner cleans your turf with safe chemicals for your kids and pets and doesn’t hurt artificial grass.

  • Pet Care: Renewing Artificial Turf for Pets

This service is meant to eliminate things like moss, algae, and pet waste that have become deeply embedded in your artificial grass. All debris on the surface is picked up and thrown away. Your synthetic grass is then washed with a machine designed for turf and sanitized with safe chemicals for your kids and pets. The area is then sprayed with an enzymatic chemical cleaner, which slowly eats away and soaks up any missing biological material.

Takeaways: Why Premium Grass Blades are Always Ready to Provide the Professional Service

You should schedule Artificial Turf Cleaned by Premium Grass Blades at least twice yearly. This will assist you in removing any chemicals from pools or sunscreens that frequently create a film on your artificial grass and any indentations that some constructions may leave behind on artificial grass.

Installing artificial grass and maintaining it frequently will help you fall back in love with your outdoor space. Regardless of the weather, artificial turf is sure to look gorgeous. For synthetic turf cleaning in the tri-cities, you only need to get in touch with Premium Grass Blades, which is situated on the lower mainland not far from Vancouver and provides a simple shipping option at a great price. For further artificial turf ideas check out our Instagram or Pinterest page.


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