Benefits of Using Turf Foam for Your Grass Landscaping

If you’re considering using foam shock pad underlays on your […]

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April 12, 2022

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If you’re considering using foam shock pad underlays on your artificial grass, you’re definitely curious about how they cushion falls and how soft they are underfoot. Shock pads are an excellent addition to any grass system, but you probably have a few questions before making the purchase.

Installing synthetic grass necessitates an initial financial outlay. Also, keep in mind that your artificial lawn can endure up to ten years or longer. It will play an important role in many family events and get-togethers with friends and family. It pays to go all out in terms of features because it will play such a significant part in your future.

Below, discover why so many homeowners have decided to use foam shock pads in their artificial grass landscaping.

Explaining Shock Pads

Shock pads are foam cushioning inserted between the sub-base layer and the artificial turf. They differ in size from 0.47 to 2.125 inches. While most shock pads enable water to move vertically for efficient drainage, some allow water to pass horizontally and vertically.

They are an essential component of playground and landscaping turf systems. It absorbs impact and decreases the danger of injury from trips and falls in Manteca’s home artificial grass for dogs. It also gives synthetic lawns an ultra-soft texture, increasing their comfort. Shock pads, on top of that, enhance the life of artificial grass.

Improved playability is another advantage that shock-absorbing layers provide to lawns. On padded grass, ball bounce is better and more predictable, which is why shock pads are employed in sports like rugby, football, and field hockey. They also assist venues in adhering to the rules of the sporting code.

Exploring the Benefits of Foam Shock Pads

If you’re merely utilizing turf for ornamental purposes, such as in a garden, you don’t need to add a foam underlay. If your lawn interacts with people in your home, though, a shock pad layer should be installed.

A foam underlay is also required in some situations. If you have children at home, this is one of them. Another consideration is if you live with folks who have mobility problems, such as elders. The softer surface decreases the likelihood of accidents while also making your yard more accessible to everyone.

The foam gives the turf a softer feel underfoot and adds further protection against trips and falls. When installed on existing surfaces like decking, concrete, or paving, they avoid noticeable undulations beneath the lawn.

They also assist lawns in meeting safety requirements, such as those imposed on public playgrounds and schools.

Adding Shock Pads to Your Artificial Turf Today

While shock pads have numerous benefits, the decision to use them on your lawn is ultimately yours. Shock pads are required depending on how you intend to use your grass.

For instance, artificial grass putting greens do not require shock pads for optimal gaming, but a padded layer will benefit a heavily utilized backyard because it will be subjected to a lot of foot activity.

Before you start the project, talk to the installer about shock pads to help you make a selection.


Shock pads help synthetic turf last longer. The damage to turf backing and fibres is exacerbated by abrasion and compaction. Shock pads protect the grass surface from wear and tear by acting like a protective layer.

They also support the turf strands to avoid excessive flattening, allowing the synthetic grass to survive longer without losing its appearance or functionality.

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