Heavy lawn furniture and fire pit sitting on top of artificial grass

Can Your Artificial Grass Withstand Heavy Objects?

Artificial grass is an excellent investment for your property. It […]

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May 27, 2022

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Artificial grass is an excellent investment for your property. It is a landscaping accessory that homeowners want to last a long time and make the most of. However, heavy lawn furniture and other huge objects may make you worry that your artificial grass could get damaged.

Artificial grass can generally withstand a few heavy objects here and there, but when does it become excessive? The good news is there are also practical tips for you to ensure it stays protected. Read this article to learn more.

Should You Be Worried About Large Objects on Your Artificial Grass?

The only time you should worry about heavy objects damaging your artificial grass is if a specific object has sharp edges, which can puncture your artificial lawn. Additionally, you may want to ensure that your artificial grass has a sub-base underneath, such as a sand and gravel mix to ensure it does not sink.

How to Protect Your Artificial Grass

In addition to a sub-base, an infill sand, such as silica sand or zeolite sand, is also necessary in protecting your artificial lawn. Doing this is also especially helpful for grass located in a high-traffic area. This does not only lessen the impact on your grass but also protects the surface underneath it.

If you plan to place large objects such as a trampoline or playground equipment on your lawn, you need to pay extra attention to laying out the infill sand before installing it. This layer will heavily affect how your grass can support its load without sustaining any damage.

If indent does occur wait for a warm sunny day when the turf is more pliable. Using a flat object like a screw driving, get down into the thatch or bottom layer of the turf, pull the indent blades of turf back up where they have been matted down. Pull the turf blades back up in the opposite direction of the matting. Then rub the area in a circular motion using a thick rubber glove for friction or a scrubbing brush.  Let the turf sit in the sun then trying using a power brush or one of Premium Grass Blades turf broom to brush up the turf.

Artificial Grass Can Withstand Heavy Objects

Artificial grass can withstand heavy objects; however, we recommend putting down a layer of infill sand such as silica sand or zeolite sand before placing heavy objects on the grass. This will ensure the artificial grass is protected the turf and has added stability. 

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