Everglades Turf: The Uncontested King of Premium Grass Blades

Everglades Turf: The Uncontested King of Premium Grass Blades

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Jay Donasco

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June 23, 2023

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Everglades Turf: The Uncontested King of Premium Grass Blades

Revolutionize your Landscape with the Ultimate Green Experience
Everglades Turf: The Uncontested King of Premium Grass Blades

When envisioning the perfect green space, the Everglades turf from Premium Grass Blades effortlessly outshines the competition. As the reigning monarch in the realm of turf, Everglades has earned an enviable reputation, delivering unmatched quality that leaves our customers spellbound.

One such customer shared their Everglades experience on Google, stating, "Absolutely the best turf I've ever invested in. Five-star quality all the way. Everglades is unbeatable!"


Resilience, aesthetic appeal, versatility - the Everglades turf embodies these and more. This high-grade product not only withstands various weather conditions and high foot traffic but also maintains its stunning appearance throughout. From sports fields and playgrounds to residential lawns and commercial spaces, Everglades turf brings a touch of nature's grandeur to every landscape.

Recent psychological studies underline the benefits of such green spaces. A National Institute of Environmental Research study indicates, "Exposure to greenery has been associated with lower levels of stress and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression."

Moreover, a Stanford University study further reinforces this, stating, "Interacting with natural environments can have a marked impact on cognitive functioning, including attention restoration and memory enhancement." By choosing Everglades, you're investing in a healthier and happier lifestyle

Everglades Turf: The Uncontested King of Premium Grass Blades


With its unique blend of durability, vibrant aesthetics, and superior softness, Everglades stands in a class of its own. Its blade length, blades strength, and blade density makes Everglades stand out.  Its hard to even see a pile direction on Everglades as the blades stand so straight.

Not at all! Everglades requires minimal upkeep due to its high wear-and-tear tolerance and UV resistance.

Absolutely! Everglades turf is non-toxic and allergen-free, making it safe for everyone.

Everglades is perfect for any green space, from residential lawns to commercial landscapes and sports fields.

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Premium Grass Blades Everglades Angle profile


$5.49 sq. ft.


Pros of Everglades Turf:

  • Superior Durability: Everglades turf is known for its exceptional durability, withstanding heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions without losing its lush appearance or structural integrity.

  • Low Maintenance: Compared to natural grass, Everglades turf requires significantly less maintenance, and no need to ever brush the turf up, especially after heavy snowfall. Say goodbye to mowing, watering, fertilizing, and weeding. With Everglades, you can enjoy a beautifully manicured lawn without the hassle.

  • Allergen-Free and Pet-Friendly: Everglades turf is allergen-free, making it ideal for individuals with allergies or sensitivities. Additionally, it is safe for pets, providing them with a comfortable and clean outdoor space to play and relax.

  • Consistent Appearance: Unlike natural grass, which can be affected by drought, pests, or uneven growth, Everglades turf maintains a consistent appearance throughout the year. Your lawn will always look vibrant, green, and perfectly manicured.

  • Versatile Applications: Everglades turf is incredibly versatile and can be installed in various settings, including residential lawns, commercial landscapes, sports fields, playgrounds, and more. Its adaptability makes it suitable for any space where you desire a beautiful and functional green surface.

Cons of Everglades Turf:

  • Higher Initial Cost: One of the potential drawbacks of Everglades turf is its higher initial cost compared to natural grass, and some of the other artificial turfs. However, it is essential to consider the long-term benefits and cost savings associated with reduced maintenance and water usage.

  • Heat Retention: Synthetic turf, including Everglades, has the potential to retain heat more than natural grass. On hot days, the surface temperature of the turf may become warmer. However, this can be mitigated by using proper irrigation techniques and providing shade or using turf coolers like Zeolite under direct sunlight.

Despite these minor considerations, the numerous benefits and advantages of Everglades turf make it a popular choice for those seeking a low-maintenance, long-lasting, and visually appealing lawn or green space.

Everglades Turf: The Uncontested King of Premium Grass Blades


Choosing Everglades turf means choosing a superior green space experience. By investing in the undisputed king of turf, you're not just beautifying your surroundings but also fostering a healthier, happier environment. Join us in the revolution of landscapes, one lawn at a time.

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