This is a question we are asked a lot by our clients; as people are always worried that the cold weather conditions will damage their artificial turf.

Unlike the maintenance required on natural grass during extreme weather conditions, artificial turf tends to require minimum care.

Powder Snow Conditions

Light powder snow can be removed gently with a plastic snow shovel, but it is best to just allow it to melt naturally. Keep in mind that the weight of the snow can flatten the blades, and paired with cold, wet, conditions can create a slippery surface for yourself and your pets. Therefore, use caution.

Compact Snow Conditions

When removing compacted snow from your artificial turf, you can use your hands or a plastic snow-shovel to gently remove the snow section by section. Do not use a metal snow shovel, as this will damage your artificial turf.

Salt and Artificial Turf

We do not recommend salting your artificial turf, as the salt can seep deep into the base layer and clog up the drainage holes of your turf. Salt can also reduce the lifespan of your artificial turf by breaking down the composite materials at a faster than normal rate.

The snow and frost should not affect the color of your artificial turf. However, this will be solely dependent on the quality of the artificial turf you purchase. At Premium Grass Blades, we pride ourselves in manufacturing the highest quality artificial turf for our customers.

Artificial Turf Brush-Up

After all the snow has receded, the artificial turf may need to brushed-up with either a power-broom or turf rake, as the snow may have compacted the artificial turf.  Also, if needed, it may be a good opportunity to add additional infill sand onto the surface of the artificial turf to support vertical standup. A brush-up will help to stand the artificial turf up, creating a soft and lush environment once again.

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