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How To Determine Quality Artificial Turf

With so many Synthetic grass suppliers out there, it can […]

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Premium Grass Blades

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March 22, 2022

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With so many Synthetic grass suppliers out there, it can quickly become overwhelming when shopping around for the best quality and prices.

Here are a few of the essential factors we think you should consider when purchasing your artificial grass:

Artificial Grass Quality

More and more people realize the benefits of investing in synthetic grass; we say investing because your artificial grass should last you anywhere between 15-20 years if maintained properly. Anytime you invest in a long-term product, you want to ensure that quality is number one; the better the quality, the better the longevity. As artificial grass has grown in popularity, it has allowed many new artificial turf businesses to enter the market; this has created a varying degree of quality amongst the product. Premium Grass Blades designs and distributes only the highest grade quality of artificial grass, so regardless of which of our signature turfs you choose, quality is the number one thing you’re purchasing

High-quality artificial turf backing will have a double-coated UV resistant first layer of a polypropylene membrane; this is where all the yarn is sewn. The second layer of a quality turf is a polyurethane coat which is less likely to absorb moisture, liquids, and urine; this helps reduce pet odor issues. For example, a low-quality backing would be a single mesh with a latex coating such as SPR and would weigh less; a high-quality turf backing weight is between 26-28oz per square yard. The backing on your artificial grass is the glue that holds everything together; without a durable dual backing, your synthetic grass will lose its yarn drastically over time, not to mention how quickly it would break down and deteriorate during weather changes. As much as a solid dual backing is what you want for our Canadian winters, you also need to ensure that the artificial grass you’re choosing has drainage holes. These are vital to ensuring your artificial turf is not pooling water, and any pet urine can drain adequately.

There are two different types of yarn used to help create artificial grass, monofilament, and fibrillated yarns. Monofilament fiber is made by mixing and melting various polymers; this polymer mixture is then extruded through holes, helping create rows of multiple diameters and shapes.

Fibrillated yarn is made by creating discontinuous, longitudinal cuts in a flat tape yarn; this is done by running the flat tapes over a roller or drum with a configuration of a honeycomb appearance which is what you see when it’s pulled apart. This is known as the thatch on your synthetic grass; it helps protect your backing from the sun, aids your infill in keeping your grass blades standing nice and tall, and adds a touch of browns and yellows to help break up the green. When purchasing your synthetic grass, you want to look for a nice thick thatch at the base of your blades; this will also help create a softer step when walking on your artificial turf.

Purchase from a Reputable Distributor

There has been a  recent surge in artificial grass popularity; many new businesses claim to retail quality artificial grass. Many don’t; customers need to educate themselves before investing their hard-earned dollars. Make sure your distributor can present you with information on the different types of testing that is done on their turf to ensure that it can endure the environment and elements.

Any reputable company that produces premium quality synthetic grass has a variety of rigorous tests that their product has to pass before it is ready for the consumers. These tests include but are not limited to UV, various ammonia from pet urine, multiple temperatures, even different fire retardants, to name just a few. If your artificial turf distributor cannot speak on these tests or show certifications on these tests they should be avoided.


Premium Grass Blades offers a ten-year warranty on our signature turfs. Our turf lines are customized and designed for durability and the ever-changing seasons in North America. Many newer synthetic grass companies offer all sorts of warranty claims but often abandon the customer when the turf fails to meet standards, and that is if the company is still even around.


Premium Grass Blades is an artificial grass company specializing in distributing premium quality artificial grass and is one of the leaders within the industry. Let us provide you with a free artificial grass estimate for your property. Schedule an appointment today!