How to Select the Right Synthetic Grass

The process of how to select the right synthetic grass […]

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July 19, 2022

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The process of how to select the right synthetic grass for you can be a difficult decision and require a good amount of planning and research. However, before you start looking into what kinds of synthetic grass are available, you should consider how much foot traffic your synthetic grass will receive, the amount of area coverage, and if you need accommodations based on your region and climate.

Below are 4 points to help you decide on the and how to select the right synthetic grass for you and your yard:

1. Determine the purpose of the synthetic grass

The first thing to think about when choosing synthetic grass is determining the purpose of the turf. Different purposes call for different types of artificial turf, and if you are opting to use artificial turf in your front or backyard, these details may help with your choice:

Ornamental: a low-traffic synthetic grass that creates an aesthetically beautiful yard. You may want to select artificial grass with flat blades for these types of uses.

Child-Safe Play Area: a high-traffic yard that will be used year-round. A shaped-yard grass may be the best option for this type of use. This turf is long, resilient, and durable, making it beneficial for areas with heavy traffic.

Parties and Entertaining: Like the play areas, this type of synthetic grass will see heavy traffic and must be able to handle pet waste, be durable, and have a proper drainage system for pets. If pets are on your artificial grass, you will want to buy turf that satisfies these needs.

2. Consider pets and children for the right synthetic grass

When considering pets and children using an artificial lawn, you won’t need to worry about harmful debris in natural yards or the messiness of mud. Something to consider would be a foam underlay for cushion and shock absorption, reducing the risk of injury. As mentioned previously, if children or pets are a factor in your decision, you may want to purchase artificial turf that will be non-toxic, soft, and have an effective draining system, making outside time safe and fun for everyone.

3. Search websites for ideas to select the right synthetic grass

Another good way to find helpful information on the turf you need is to search the websites with these ideas in mind that can help you. (Like us!)

Researching the type of artificial turf you are searching for helps narrow your options and speed up decision-making. Find out if the artificial grass satisfies the needs required by checking for details such as durability, draining systems, softness or aesthetics, non-toxicity, or any other specifics. Eliminating types that don’t meet the standards you need brings you one step closer to finding your perfect synthetic grass!

4. Environmental hazards and aesthetics

Still unsure how to decide what shape, size, or color of turf? Try looking at where you live and what nature is already in your yard. Areas prone to floods or heavy rain will need a turf that can drain adequately and effectively and benefit from an excellent drainage system, while hot and dry places won’t. If the weather isn’t a problem, the already existing greenery in your surroundings is another worth considering. Try to match the synthetic grass’s color, shape, or size with the natural colors around you. This will promote aesthetics and blend your artificial turf better with foliage.

Whether your project calls for pet-protective and non-toxic materials, soft, lush blades, or high durability for parties and outdoor play, we at Premium Grass Blades can give you the product you’ve been searching for. Knowing what to research and consider before buying artificial grass, you can install your synthetic turf confidently so that it will look and do its best. If any further questions or concerns remain, don’t hesitate to contact us with your inquiries! Check out our Facebook and Instagram pages for more ideas on how to incorporate your natural surroundings with your artificial grass lawn!

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