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Can You Put Living Plants on an Artificial Lawn?

Covering your yard with artificial turf will make it look […]

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May 5, 2022

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Covering your yard with artificial turf will make it look more beautiful and consistent. The best thing about it is you don’t have to say goodbye to your natural plants in exchange for a perfect-looking artificial turf. In fact, there are many ways to mix synthetic grass with existing plants. Here’s how to do it.

How to Install Living Plants on an Artificial Lawn

In order to use artificial grass and trees, you need a little knowledge about the artificial grass you want to use. To make your artificial turf look more beautiful, you can add living plants to it. Here’s how to do it.

1. Prepare the Ground

Before installing the artificial grass, you have to prepare the ground first. Add at least six inches of sand to the ground, depending on the weight of the grass. After this, spread the pre-mixed fertilizer over the sand. Make sure that the fertilizer you use is appropriate for your yard.

You can also add topsoil to the sand, but the topsoil should not have too many rocks in it. The rocks on the topsoil will make it hard for the roots to grow.

2. Put Anti-Weed Geotextile

Anti-weed geotextiles are a thin layer of fabric that prevents the weed from growing on the ground. You can install it between the sand and the grass. The geotextile is generally made of a resin material and can hold the artificial grass. To install the geotextile, you have to first spread it on the ground. Then, you have to cover it with sand. After that, you have to spread the grass on the sand.

3. Install the Artificial Grass

After preparing the ground and installing an anti-weed geotextile, you can install the artificial grass. Lay the plastic grass upside down over the area and push it down a little to get some of the sand on the back of the turf. Remember that you should put the adhesive on the top of the grass before installing it. Apply more adhesive if you have to.

After this, you can push down the turf on the ground. Make sure that the turf is right-side up. Use a roller to push down the turf and secure it to the ground. If you have installed anti-weed geotextiles, you can secure it first with some staples.

After installing the artificial grass, you can plant some flowers and trees to make it look more natural.

4. Plant Some Trees and Flowers

You can plant some flowers and trees to make the lawn more natural. Choose from the wide variety of plants available in your area. Make sure that you can handle the plants all by yourself. You will have to water them and take care of them yourself.

To make the lawn look more attractive and natural, you have to choose plants that have a wide variety of colours. Choose the flower with a different colour, shape and size.

You can also choose trees with different colours as well. You should not choose only one kind of tree or flower. Mix them up to make the lawn look more natural and beautiful.

5. Water the Plants

The plants need regular water. Make sure that you water them well when the weather is dry. You will have to make sure that the roots of the plants are wet. Do not forget to water them in the morning. It is better to water them in the morning because the sun will dry up the water quickly in the afternoon.

Water the plants every day. Remember that you have to water the plants with the same amount of water each day. If you do not water them regularly, the plants might not grow well and could die.


There you have it! Installing plants on artificial grass requires only a little knowledge about it. However, to achieve the best results, it’s better to get some professional help to install the grass and the plants.

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