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Longevity: The Do’s and Don’ts of Artificial Turf

Knowing the do’s and don’ts of artificial grass will help […]

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July 28, 2022

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Knowing the do’s and don’ts of artificial grass will help aid in the longevity of your artificial turf. Whether you have been a long-time owner of artificial grass, or are new to the scene, properly caring for your turf is a significant factor in preserving your lawn’s integrity and beauty. This is specifically crucial in places where the weather can be unpredictable, like Maple Ridge. If you are unfamiliar with artificial grass or are unsure of something regarding turf, tips and guides can be helpful resources to learn how to maintain your artificial grass.

Below is a list of things we recommend you should and should not do with your Premium Grass Blades artificial grass to support the longevity of your artificial turf.

The DO’s of Artificial Grass:

– Check for reflective surfaces; this could include metal flashing before installing your turf. These surfaces can be dangerous, bouncing heat onto your turf and causing your turf blades to curl up due to the magnified heat.

– Use a leaf blower to remove dust and debris, then rinse your artificial grass at least once every month to help remove any other debris or pollen.

-Make sure you use at least 1 lb to 2 lbs of silica or ZeoOdour infill per sqft of artificial turf. It is one of the least expensive parts of turf projects and yet one of the most important.  The proper amount of infill will give your artificial turf many more years of longevity and also keep your artificial turf looking brand new keeping the blades of turf nice and tall.

– Periodically deep clean turf to reduce any bacteria and odour buildup. We have more information about this and regular cleaning in our blog. As well as our artificial grass cleaning and sanitizing service. Please contact us at [email protected]

– Take care of large debris by using a flexible rake on your artificial grass; you don’t want any organic material slowly breaking down on your grass. This can cause discoloration and break down the artificial grass in that area.

– Put up jungle gyms or pools and enjoy quality time with the kids.

– Invest in high-quality artificial grass, don’t settle for passable remember, this is a 10–20-year investment.

– Be careful when moving furniture around; make sure to lift; dragging furniture can damage artificial grass fibres.

– Play recreational activities like golf, soccer, baseball, and gymnastics.

– Relax and enjoy what your artificial grass has to offer.

The DON’T of Artificial Grass:

– Leave plastic pools on your artificial grass; make sure to set up and take them down after each season to help save the longevity of your artificial grass.

– Cover artificial grass with tarps, which can cause a humid area that will promote the growth of bacteria.

– Leave any metal tools or rakes on the artificial grass. Remember, the sun will reflect off the metal and heat it; this can leave burn marks on your artificial grass that are not covered by a warranty.

– Use anything on your grass that could be a potential fire or heat hazard; this includes barbeques, grills, fire pits, hot pans, dishes, metal items, or fireworks. You can always build a small area with pavers for your fire pit, BBQ etc.

– Walk over artificial grass in the first 24 hours of it being laid down; the seaming glue and grass need time to settle.

– Use turf as a driveway or drive over artificial grass with your car; this can cause permanent damage and leave large holes and areas where the grass gets mashed.

– Set recently used power tools or tools with engines down on your artificial grass; remember any motor, regardless of how small, will heat up when used.

– Place glass tables on your artificial grass; glass and the sunlight would create a magnifying glass scenario that would melt your artificial grass.

-Put pressure washers nozzles heads close to the turf.

-Let dogs dig in the same spots.  Artificial turf will eventually wear down, just like anything else.

-Put swings directly under artificial turf.  If you must make sure the swing seat is high so the the kids legs do not skip across the turf with every pass.

– Push sharp objects into the turf, don’t be fooled by its weight and strong backing; if you use a sharp object to push down into the backing, you will easily cut through.


Artificial grass, while durable, is not indestructible and can be damaged if the proper measures are not taken to prevent it. With these precautions, you can have all the fun you want out in the yard without the messiness of a natural lawn. Enjoy time with family and friends on your artificial grass with activities and events, or sit back and appreciate the beauty your artificial grass holds. Have further questions or require more information? Feel free to contact us with any inquiries.

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