Premium Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Galvanized Landscape Stakes. (Can be used in hard or soft ground)

6″ Spikes, 50 lb Box, Approximately 650 Per Box
Used along the perimeter of most artificial grass installations
Keeps the turf in place for a clean, professional installation

Secure your artificial turf flawlessly with our 6-inch Spiral Nails, specifically designed for turf installations. Offering unmatched strength and durability, these corrosion-resistant nails ensure long-lasting stability. They’re expertly crafted to provide superior grip, minimizing movement and enhancing the turf’s lifespan. Ideal for any synthetic turf project, the nails’ spiral design ensures easy installation and robust anchoring. Don’t compromise on quality—choose our 6-inch Spiral Nails for professional-grade artificial turf installations. Upgrade your landscaping experience with the best in artificial turf hardware.