Premium Commercial Grade Heavy Duty Galvanized Landscape Stakes. (Can be used in hard or soft ground)

7″ Spikes, 50 lb Box, Approximately 500 Per Box
Used along the perimeter of most artificial grass installations
Keeps the turf in place for a clean, professional installation

Introducing our 7-inch Spiral Nails, specifically designed for secure Artificial Turf Installations. Crafted with premium quality steel, they provide excellent holding power, ensuring your turf stays firmly in place. Perfect for both DIY enthusiasts and professional landscapers. These spiral nails resist rust, weathering, and are ideal for outdoor use. Get your turf installation done right the first time with our 7-inch spiral nails. Don’t compromise on quality. Choose Premium Grass Blades spiral nails for artificial turf for an easy, efficient, and enduring turf installation.