Alien Tape is the incredible new advanced-grip technology tape that instantly locks anyting into place without screws or anchors! It’s also reusable – just remove, rinse and reuse! Use it again and it’s just as strong! Works on brick, wood, marble, tile, metal, glass, plastic and more.
Multipurpose Alien Tape work great for keep Premium Grass Blades artificial turf down to decks and balconies. Its can easily be resused by washing the tape off and resticking to the turf.

How to use Multipurpose Alien Tape with Premium Grass Blades artificial turf:

Place tape on the backing of Premium Grass Blades artificial turf, and around the perimeter of the sections of turf or along the seam. Put pressure or weight on each piece of tape for 30 seconds. The dry fit the sections of turf, when the position of turf is where you want it, mark the location. Flip over the turf and pull back the seal, and flip the turf back over to the position. Again, apply pressure or weight to where the tape is under the turf.

Double Sided
Tape Length per roll: 10 ft
Tape Width: 1.18 in