5 Reasons to Get Artificial Grass for Your Concrete

If you are a homeowner with a concrete space and […]

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Premium Grass Blades

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December 28, 2021

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If you are a homeowner with a concrete space and tired of seeing grey, why not revamp the area with the most straightforward solution on the market. Artificial grass!

acing artificial grass on any surface adds natural color to the area. Artificial grass can be placed on its own or in junction with natural garden beds, which means less time worrying and maintaining your grass and more time to play in your garden.

You may have doubts and questions about using synthetic grass in your home, especially on a concrete surface, but here’s why you should consider installing artificial grass on your concrete:

1. It instantly makes a space look good

Getting synthetic grass over a concrete surface is the easiest way to improve your view; it instantly makes a space look more natural and organic than a slab of grey pavement.

2. Creates a usable space

There are many uses for a concrete area. However, suppose you’re looking to turn your grey area green and still create a usable space. In that case, artificial grass is your comprehensive solution, whether you’re looking to use the area for a playground structure or your pets. The versatility of artificial turf allows you to customize the space to suit your family’s needs.

3. Not challenging to install

Typically, when installing artificial grass on a soil-based surface, prep work is required to help create a reliable drainage layer under the turf. With concrete, your prep work becomes much, much less.

– We recommend that you roll out your turf and let it sit for 24 hours to become climatized to the environment before making the accurate cut to fit the edge.

-Clean the space, removing any remains from the concrete surface area, keeping in mind that any debris, especially sand-like, left behind could cause shifting in the placement of your grass; pressure-wash the site if you can. Allow the area to fully dry.

-Measure your turf to the specific area, flip the turf over and use a box cutter to cut accordingly.

-Roll up the edges of turf one at a time and apply waterproof artificial grass glue to the outer edges of your concrete.

-Lower the edges of your turf, gently back down, and weigh down the are. The glue usually takes a total of 24 hours to cure.

All premium quality artificial grass has multiple drainage holes that allow the slow release of sitting water, so no worries about drainage.

We usually recommend that, if possible, you purchase a piece of artificial grass that covers the entire space and does not require a seam. Although a joint can quickly be done by a professional if needed, we recommend that if you’re a DIY installer, you avoid seaming if possible as it can be pretty tricky.

If your concrete/asphalt is new and your artificial grass requires a seam, we recommend that you allow your synthetic grass extra room as concrete will expand and retract along with weather changes. If there is a chance of expansion/contraction of your concrete or asphalt, we do not recommend gluing the turf down but using our artificial turf seaming tape under the seam and infill on top to hold the turf down. By not gluing the actual seam or turf to the surface, the turf will not shift as the surface changes. Infill sand such as Silica Sand or Zeo-Odour Zeolite placed on top of the turf between the blades of grass will help keep the turf section stationary, help distribute heat transfer and keep the blades of grass standing nice and tall.

4. Low-cost

Since laying artificial grass down on a concrete surface, is not as labor-intensive, it becomes much more cost-effective.

Furthermore, we all know that artificial grass requires little to no maintenance, therefore saving you more money in the long run.

5. It’s safe

There have been concerns about the chemical compounds used in cheaper quality artificial grass. At Premium Grass Blades, we take the safety of our customers seriously. That is why our premium quality artificial turf has undergone rigorous chemical safety inspections and many other assessments that make our artificial grass safe for your family and pets. In addition, the lack of need for insecticides and weed killers on your synthetic grass helps keep your family and pets safe.


Artificial grass will help you transform your concrete space into a little to no maintenance lush seating area or play space, contact us today and let us help you find the perfect synthetic grass to suit your needs. We also offer landscape design ideas that will allow you to create your wildest artificial turf dreams, plus Premium Grass Blades artificial grass comes with a 10-year warranty.