Should Weed Barrier Be Used Under Synthetic Grass?

Should weed barriers be used under artificial grass? Are you […]

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August 26, 2022

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Should weed barriers be used under artificial grass? Are you tired of the same weeds appearing in your garden? Isn’t that why you’re switching to artificial grass?

The solution to stubborn weeds (after excavation, debris removal, sprinkler capping, and ground compaction are completed) you can add a layer or two of weed barrier under your artificial grass. It is not required but recommended because of the benefits for your yard. Before we get into the benefits, let us go over what it is and its purpose.

What Is A Weed Barrier, And What Does It Do For Synthetic Grass?

What is a weed barrier, and what does it do for your synthetic grass? A weed barrier is a permeable poly-woven fabric that prevents weeds from growing through artificial grass fibres. It goes above or below the sub-base- or both. A weed barrier is beneficial below the sub-base because it prevents the sub-base and native soil from mixing. We suggest excavating at least 4-6 inches deep into the native soil to prevent weed growth, bugs, pests, and grass movement.

If the soil you are laying your synthetic grass on is rugged and rocky, a weed barrier doesn’t have much benefit and isn’t necessary. In this situation, the suggested option is only to install the weed barrier layer on the top of the sub-base. Check out our resources page for more information on turf installation.

What Are The Benefits Of Weed Barriers When It Comes To Artificial Grass?

Let’s discuss the benefits of weed barriers when it comes to artificial grass. While also helpful for preventing base contamination, it is not limited to one beneficial feature. Many different qualities of weed barrier can help in different ways and add to the perks of incorporating it into your artificial grass. Here are a few pros to installing a weed barrier for your Premium Grass Blades artificial grass.

Weed Barrier Is An Effective Way To Add Protection To Your Artificial Grass

Weed barrier is an effective way to add protection to your artificial grass by helping to protect against anything that may lie underneath artificial grass. For example, sharp debris like rocks and pebbles can harm your artificial grass, puncturing the turf over time and causing permanent damage. In addition, weed barriers even out the surface below the synthetic grass, holding it in place and improving water drainage.

Weed Barrier Helps Add Longevity To Your Artificial Grass

As well as protecting your artificial grass, weed barrier helps add longevity to your artificial grass; helping prevent erosion is something the weed barrier does very well. Depending on the quality of weed barrier you choose for your synthetic grass, it can help preserve your turf and add to its longevity.

Weed Barrier Conclusion

While the protection of your artificial grass’ structure and lifespan is vital, the way it will end up looking is of importance as well. The weed barrier helps to prevent unsightly weeds and imperfections from popping up and gives you one less thing to worry about maintaining. Adding a weed barrier means less maintenance and upkeep and, in short, less work for you! For some stunning examples, see our Facebook!