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The European chafer beetle (Rhizotrogus majalis) has been a considerable problem for lawn owners since its first appearance in British Columbia in 2001 along boulevards and lawns in New Westminster. Since then, it has rapidly spread along the Lower Mainland and now Fraser Valley.

What is a Chafer Beetle?

An adult Chafer Beetle is a brown-colored beetle about 1-1.5 cm long; to help you better recognize them, the underside of this beetle is coated with fluffy white hair. They emerge in June for 1-2 weeks to mate and lay eggs. The beetle spends its adolescence as a grub, measuring anywhere between .5-2.5 cm long. These C-shaped larvae live underground and nourish themselves by feeding on grassroots, causing the grass to perish. Not only do they destroy your chance at a green lawn, but they also attract all sorts of rodents and birds that will dig through your grass to get to the grubs that are nesting below. This leaves your lawn not looking its best, with dug-up dirt and yellow grass all around.

Possible Options to Eliminate the Infestation

1. Nematodes

Although nematodes are not a popular option, they may help control the population of chafer grubs. Nematodes are microscopic roundworms that move through wet soil feeding on the chafer larvae. Nematodes work best when applied to the infected area during the third week of July.

2. Organic Insecticides

Organophosphates and carbamates are two typical insecticides applied to a lawn. Used to treat Chafer Beetle infestations, these insecticides require repeated applications to be completely effective.

3. Synthetic Insecticides

Biological insecticides include Bacillus thuringiensis, Dipel, and Tetradifon. The advantage of these alternatives is that they only have to be applied once to the lawn. They are relatively safe to use around people and pets but are unsuitable for vegetable gardens.

4. Artificial Grass

The best option for Chafer Beetle control is artificial grass; not only will your Artificial grass last 10-15 years with proper upkeep, but it will also permanently remove your chafer beetle infestation problems. Additionally, it is safe for pets and kids and has little to no maintenance requirements for you.


Chafer beetle outbreaks can happen at any time and occur more frequently if preventive measures are not taken. Grass that is stressed by drought, overuse of fertilizer, and overcrowding is more likely to be infested by the chafer beetle.

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