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What Is Synthetic Grass And What Makes It Beneficial

Synthetic turf is the future of grass; with more people wanting to save time and money in their everyday lives, it's no surprise that we are seeing a sudden growth within the industry.

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January 25, 2022

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There is something so soothing about nature; green is the color of calm relaxation, deep breaths, and meditations.

However, keeping an area green is also a labor-intensive job unless you have invested in a synthetic grass lawn.

What Is Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic Grass, also known as “artificial grass” or “astroturf,” is all about the easy way of having a beautiful lawn. Manufactured with nylon or polypropylene threads that come in various shapes, lengths, and colors, synthetic Grass allows you to customize your green space to whatever your desires may be. With our Canadian winters, it is essential to keep the expansion and retraction of the artificial turf in mind; that is why Premium Grass Blades uses a dual polypropylene layer coated with polyurethane. The qualities of the materials and the intensive testing during the manufacturing process determine the end product’s longevity and value. This is why we stress that you invest in premium-grade artificial turf.

Professional installation will maximize the performance of your artificial turf.

What Are the Benefits of Synthetic Grass?

Synthetic Grass Helps To Eliminate Allergens

Natural Grass releases pollen when mowed; this can be very difficult to deal with for many people who suffer from allergies. Using synthetic Grass will help eliminate unnecessary pollen in the air, which can go a long way in helping you or your loved ones who suffer from pollen allergies.

Synthetic Grass Helps To Save Water

Eliminating the need to water your lawn can save you money; keeping a lawn green can rack up that water bill, especially during the warmer months. This may go without saying, but essentially, synthetic Grass takes away the daily watering of the lawn and brings water bills down in the process; you will save tens of thousands of liters of water.

Synthetic Grass is easy to install

Installing artificial grass can be easy enough, but we always recommend hiring a professional for the larger installations; you don’t want to face drainage issues in the long run that can affect the life span of your artificial grass. By hiring a professional installer, you save yourself the hassle and protect the longevity of your investment.

Synthetic Grass Is Economical and Durable

When you invest in premium quality artificial turf, you’re investing in a 10-20 year product that your family and pets will enjoy every day. With six different types to choose from, our team at Premium Grass Blades will help you pick out one that suits your needs. When weighing the costs, consider how much time and money you will be saving over the lifespan of your artificial turf; the savings are impressive.

Synthetic Grass is the solution for rainy days

Synthetic Grass is the solution for rainy days; natural lawns can become muddy during wetter days, especially areas with heavy foot traffic. Those heavily trafficked muddy areas will need to be seeded to grow grass again. Premium quality synthetic grass comes with a drainage system, which allows your artificial turf to drain excess water. The lower the quality of artificial turf, the lower the drainage quality, which means your artificial grass will mold and rot over time.

Synthetic Grass made for Heavy Foot Traffic

When purchasing your artificial grass, it is essential to let the seller know how much foot traffic and pet traffic the area expects. Different turfs specialize in various uses, one of our friendly and helpful staff members can direct you to the artificial grass that fits you and your family’s needs.

Synthetic Grass Requires Little Maintenance

Take away the mowing, aerating, seeding, watering, fertilizing, and what are you left with? It is a beautiful, green all year round artificial lawn, always ready for your summer bbq parties, your kids, or your pets; with little to no maintenance, it is your answer to less work and more play.


Synthetic turf is the future of grass; with more people wanting to save time and money in their everyday lives, it’s no surprise that we are seeing a sudden growth within the industry. But, just like any industry that sees sudden change, there comes with it the rise of lesser quality products that are not as durable or made poorly using dangerous chemical compounds. So invest in your home and family’s future by doing your research and purchasing from a reliable, reputable company that allows you peace of mind with a genuine 10-year warranty.