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Why Infill Is One Of The Most Essential Parts Of Your Artificial Turf Installation

Why Infill Is One Of The Most Essential Parts Of […]

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November 28, 2022

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Why Infill Is One Of The Most Essential Parts Of Your Artificial Turf Installation

You might be debating whether to incorporate infill into your artificial turf instalment; here is why it is critical to comprehend the function of infill and just how crucial it is. Anything positioned between the plastic blades or fibres of artificial turf is, by definition, considered an artificial grass infill. Sand, rubber, EDPM, and TPE are the common infill materials used in synthetic turf. Cork, coconut, walnut, and crushed tennis shoe soles are some examples of filler materials. Depending on the requirements of your lawn, each infill choice has different advantages and disadvantages. There are various infill materials for yards that are suitable for residential use; silica sand is the material that is utilized the most in landscaping projects. Choosing to add infill will determine the longevity of your artificial turf; without infill, it can quickly become worn down and matted, losing its shape and solidity. Here are just a few reasons why infill is one of the most essential parts of your artificial turf installation.

Infill Helps Maintain The Blades Upright Posture In Artificial Turf

As impressive as premium quality artificial turf is, it does require help to stay looking that way; infill helps maintain the blade’s upright posture. Over time your artificial turf blades can slowly start to lean over, especially in high-traffic areas; outdoor planter pots or furniture, pools, and playgrounds can flatten the blades. Without infill, it would be challenging to revive that area of blades. With infill, it would require no more than a power broom or an artificial turf-specific rake to help restore those areas; this is due to the infill hidden at the base that helps create support around the blades, keeping them upright.

A High-Quality Infill Will Enhance The Artificial Turf’s General Drainage

Most manufacturers make a high-quality infill that will enhance the turf’s general drainage, while systems without infill are more prone to wrinkles due to contracting and expanding within the environment; heavier infill helps maintain the artificial turf during temperature fluctuations. However, some lower-grade infill or infill used for the wrong purpose will compact and lead to drainage problems. Using the wrong infill or no infill can lead to pooling, backlog, and mildew on your artificial turf, which can cause odours, stains, and more inconveniences for homeowners. This is why it’s vital that you research which infill will suit your needs best.

Infill Offers Cooling Characteristics Through Evaporation

Some artificial turf infill, such as those used within the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, are all-natural substances offering cooling characteristics through evaporation. Infill has a surface temperature up to 37 degrees lower because it collects water with slight expansion and slowly releases it over time. Minerals like Zeolite are prevalent on artificial turf due to this reason. Infill also prevents the polyurethane backing from contracting in extremely hot or cold temperatures and helps maintain consistency in the artificial turf spacing. Silica sand infill specific for putting green acts as ballast and transfers heat on the hot summer days which transfers into cold summer nights.  We suggest 2-3 lbs of silica sand per square foot for putting greens. Failure to get enough silica sand into the putting green will create the dreaded ripple/wave effect on your beautiful putting green on a hot summer day.

Silica & Zeolite Infill Combat Germs, Mold and Mildew

As stated earlier, the appropriate infill on your artificial turf will help you combat germs, mould, and mildew; helping keep your artificial turf from reaching these extremes, make sure to maintain your yard. If you find yourself in a situation at this level, please contact us and let us help you through our turf cleaning service.  The sudden rise of artificial turf installations has brought a demand for different infills best suited for various jobs. They are bringing competitors, helping to create better quality and environmentally friendly infill products. This benefits households with children and dogs, and other pets; using the proper high-quality infill will dramatically extend the life of your artificial turf system.

The Artificial Turf’s Infill Weight Helps Provide Memory

The artificial turf’s Infill weight helps provide memory; imagine it being somewhat similar to a memory foam bed. It takes on the majority of the foot traffic pressure saving your blades of grass from being crushed repeatedly, causing them to lay flat or break. Trying to substitute any other type of sand, such as brick, quartz, or putty sand, will not work for artificial turf. The main reason is that they provide the wrong amount of necessary weight per sqft. Only kiln-dried sand can reach down to the bases of the grass blades covering the backing, all while applying the right amount of weight per sqft to keep your blades standing and your artificial turf static.  For each square foot of artificial turf, you will require 1-2 pounds of the corresponding infill. This differs with each type of infill; make sure to inquire.  The infill also gives newly laid turf more weight to help prevent it from shifting from where it has been cut. It assists in reducing the amount of shrinking of turf along edges and seams in general.

Infill Supports the Backing System in Artificial Turf

The internal support system integrated into every strand of your artificial turf is called the backing system. Even though the manufacturer’s goal is to create durable backing, it is essential to incorporate infill to help support your backing against UV ray damage and foot traffic that could result in the loss of materials.  Maintaining your infill levels is essential; another added benefit of infill and artificial turf is that it helps minimize injuries in sports, offers secure footing and helps improve ball performance. Premium Grass Blades can provide you with all the services you need to keep your infill levels where they need to be.

Conclusion of Infill For Artificial Turf Installations

We cannot express how important all these factors are, why infill is one of the most essential parts of your artificial turf installation.  Silica sand infill is one of the cheapest items required to keep your investment lasting and looking great. Make sure you get adequate silica or zeolite sand on top of your Premium Grass Blades artificial turf.  Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages to see our artificial turf in action in many different applications.  Contact us at Premium Grass Blades and help us find the suitable infill for your needs, aiding your investment’s longevity!

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