Why is artificial turf becoming increasingly popular in Vancouver, Canada?

Why is artificial turf becoming increasingly popular in Vancouver, Canada?

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Jay Donasco

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June 15, 2023

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Why is artificial turf becoming increasingly popular in Vancouver, Canada?

Artificial Turf, The Perfect Solution for Vancouver
Why is artificial turf becoming increasingly popular in Vancouver, Canada?

In the scorching heat and limited lawn water permits in Vancouver, Canada, it becomes challenging to take care of the natural grass lawns. The growing urbanization has led to a contraction in available green spaces. Moreover, busy schedules make it hard for natural grass owners to take care of the lawns, which grants them the convenience of installing artificial grass in their residences and enjoying a low-maintenance green space.

Recently, going green has become more than just a “going with the trend” thing. People are actually considering green spaces as an integral part of their property in Vancouver. At present, not just homeowners but several business owners and landscape designers have also shifted to using artificial turf for their Vancouver properties.

Installing artificial grass can help you maintain the beautiful outdoors of your home without worrying about violating landscaping guidelines. Because it resembles natural grass, synthetic turf has gained significant traction among people. Here are some of the most compelling reasons for the increasing popularity of artificial turf in Vancouver, Canada.

Versatile and Accessible

Fits any purpose or requirements, artificial turf is ideal for residential as well as commercial projects. Because it is prepared with 100% non-toxic materials, they are the perfect choice for installing in kids' and pets' play areas. Recently, besides the lawns and backyards of Vancouver homes, artificial grass is also used in office buildings, sports fields, swimming pools, restaurants, schools, and even public gardens. It allows complete customization control and stands tall throughout the year without fertilization or irrigation.

Long-Term Cost Reduction

The initial cost of installing artificial turf can be considerably more expensive than installing sod, but it will help save money for a protracted period. The average price of installing artificial grass ranges from $9 to $18 per square foot. However, the cost-effectiveness is evident from the savings, following not having to buy a lawn mower, other lawn equipment, fertilizer, and pesticides. Because you no longer require water to irrigate the lawn, you can also save
tremendously on water bills.

Less Water Consumption

The lawn water restrictions in Vancouver bound you to make amends to your day according to the water availability schedule. At moments, it may be okay to deal with, but when it comes to a daily basis, it becomes inconvenient and leaves the individual frustrated. Switching to artificial turf offers lawn owners the preeminent freedom to plan their time according to their preferences, as the fake grass requires no daily irrigation or regular maintenance schedule. It is just while cleaning the turf - you will need to use water for artificial grass, which would be almost twice a year. Moreover, you do not have to clean it by yourself. You can consult professional turf cleaners for the task. They will even provide you with additional turf maintenance tips.




$5.49 sq. ft.

Why is artificial turf becoming increasingly popular in Vancouver, Canada?

Eco-friendly Green Space

Despite being artificial, it does not affect the environment as it lasts for years without requiring any tools or maintenance equipment. You will no longer need gas or electric equipment and require comparably less water than natural grass. You can dispose of dirt, trash, or allergens from the turf without using powerful machines. For an installation - that is even more environmentally friendly - you can choose reclaimed grass; for homes, this will also likely be much less expensive. Moreover, because synthetic grass cannot grow, there is no need for mowing, irrigating, or fertilizing the area, which ultimately helps to reduce carbon footprint.

Improved technology

Over the years, artificial grass has changed tremendously. While it used to be remarkably durable, it did not feel or look like natural grass. The years of modification and gradation have made its beautiful blades look real and imitate the natural grass. Today, it is not only used in the sports fields but is widely utilized in residential and commercial properties as well. Synthetic grass is extremely sturdy and robust to handle heavy foot traffic, leaving no bare patches or muddy puddles on the ground. It has enough drainage holes at little to no distances to drain water quickly and not let insect infestation or mould growth due to the spilled liquid.

Durable Everlasting Greenery

Another significant reason for the increasing popularity of synthetic turf in Vancouver, Canada, is its durability. Artificial grass is remarkably sturdy and can withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions compared to natural grass lawns. Capable of weathering dog paw diggings, it works exceptionally well on the sports field. Quality grass like that of Premium Grass Blades is made with rigid carefulness, undermining the chances for bare patches or balding spots over time. When maintained adequately, the turf can efficiently last for more than a decade.

Why is artificial turf becoming increasingly popular in Vancouver, Canada?

Increases Property Value

If you are contemplating whether fake grass enhances the value of your home or not, it is a straightforward Yes! Having artificial grass on the curbside, backyards, lawns, or swimming pool areas improves the aesthetic appeal of the property - making it irresistible for the buyer or tenant to be interested in your property. It acts as an X-factor for the area and establishes the higher demanded amount to show its worth to the other party. Having synthetic grass in your Vancouver home lawns offers a safe and non-toxic place for the kids to play while serving as an excellent place for recreational activities for your family or friends' get-togethers.

Low Maintenance

Another notable reason for the growing popularity of artificial turf is the maintenance requirement, which is nearly as low as nothing. After investing in artificial grass for your Vancouver homes, you will no longer need to worry about having muddy spots or patchy grass. There is no need for the ongoing exertion of uprooting weeds after installing artificial grass. You can consult with a trusted artificial turf professional, like Premium Grass Blades, to provide supreme quality turf for your residential and commercial projects. The firms also offer cleaning services, usually needed once or twice a year, depending on climate change and dust exposure in your area.

Provides a Safe and Allergen Free Surface

Fake Turf not only creates a suitable environment for residential applications but also provides a safe ground for players making it increasingly popular in Vancouver, Canada. Several Sports fields and public parks have the turf installed, providing an even surface with no dents or holes in the dirt. It is tested multiple times to meet the safety standards to prevent and reduce the severity of head, foot, knee, or ankle injuries. Artificial grass is smooth to the touch, and its cushioned surface makes it an ideal ground for your kids and pets to play without any worry. Additionally, it prevents chafer beetle infestation in your homes and provides a safe and insect-free environment for your family.

All-Weather Suitable

Because it is not real, artificial turf does not suffer damage from the considerable changes in climate. The synthetic blades are strong enough to deal with heavy rainfall, snowfall, and even the sweltering heat in summer. The UV-protected grass blades make it an inevitable product for your home. Premium Grass Blades’ artificial grass can stand groovy in any weather as its 4x drainage holes enable the rainwater to drain quickly, preventing the water from pooling. Moreover, it can efficiently stand great in the hot summers of Vancouver without losing its lush green appearance. It looks vibrant green throughout the year and enhances your home aesthetics irrevocably.


Whether it is your backyard, lawn, swimming pool sides, curbside, public parks, dog runs, or terrain, artificial turf can help provide a maintenance-free green space that will last for years to come. In the harsh weather of Vancouver, it becomes problematic to maintain a natural grass lawn, and artificial grass becomes exceptionally helpful in such conditions. It can efficaciously withstand regular wear and tear and climate changes and prevents insect infestation in your Vancouver homes. If you plan to install artificial turf on your property, contact Premium Grass Blades for the best quality and budget-friendly prices. You can also explore our Instagram handle to learn more about the designs and how they can enhance your property’s value.