Artificial turf for Businesses

Why Is Artificial Turf Great For Businesses

Why Is artificial turf great for businesses? We know that, […]

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Premium Grass Blades

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September 27, 2022

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Why Is artificial turf great for businesses? We know that, as humans, we find the outdoors relaxing; being outside boosts our mood and helps us refocus and recharge. That makes creating grassy areas an excellent option for businesses, but maintaining natural grass is not always ideal and can be costly.

Having a grass area for customers, employees, event displays, and more may sound great, but the expense and ongoing care often make them impractical. However, businesses can still benefit from the feel and look of lush green grass without the added complications that go with it, thanks to Premium Grass Blades’ artificial turf.

As one of the leading suppliers of synthetic grass for putting greens and other applications, we have provided a range of designs for businesses of all sizes. Here are some benefits of using artificial grass for your business and why you should talk to us.

Year-Round Usability with Artificial Turf

Have a specific design in mind? Artificial lawn is your answer, with its year-round usability, whether it’s a place to hang out during breaks, a golf green for entertaining customers, or an attractive site that enhances the building’s appearance.

Unlike natural grass, artificial grass looks great all year round, doesn’t turn into a mud bath with one heavy rainfall, and is low maintenance, so there are no extra costs. As an artificial grass company, we have created various styles of turf that are now in use year-round in ways that a natural lawn simply could not, all with a fraction of the ongoing costs that a natural property requires.

Whether you want an artificial turf putting green or an entirely decorative piece, synthetic turf always looks perfect, well-groomed, and cared for. The same cannot be said for natural grass; your business image matters when it comes to your storefront, so why leave it to chance?

With more businesses and organizations everywhere turning to artificial grass to enhance their properties, knowing that whatever the weather, or the traffic in the area, it will always look pristine and perfectly manicured, presenting a professional front before the customer enters your doors.

Take The Appearance Of Grass To New Places

Artificial grass indoors allows you to take the appearance of grass to new places. It can be a real boost for businesses and a great conversation piece with customers, bringing the natural green feel of the outdoors inside. Once laid, there is very little work needed to maintain it, so whether you are looking for a rooftop green, an indoor wall display, or a sitting area, the opportunities are endless with synthetic grass.

This includes event and product displays. Where turf adds complexity and challenges, synthetic turf sports field-type surfaces give you the look you want without the mess or costs of a natural alternative. This way, you can unlock new ideas for showcasing products, hospitality for clients, prospects, and more, all thanks to artificial grass.

We are one of the most experienced artificial turf companies within the lower mainland, Fraser valley, and surrounding areas. We have extensive experience in helping design your layout to suit any situation and need. This includes many projects where using natural turf would be impractical or even impossible, but we could bring a client’s vision to life with artificial turf.

Low Maintenance

Whether discussing the low maintenance of synthetic turf for pets at an event or residential lawns, many businesses may have various needs; there is a crucial area where artificial grass excels for all organizations. Artificial grass offers low maintenance throughout life, no matter how much traffic it sees, including the weather or other factors.

There is an obvious cost benefit here; without extensive and ongoing maintenance, businesses can enjoy all the benefits of a grassy space without the expense. However, low maintenance is more than just lawn maintenance costs. With less maintenance comes less oversight and management time needed to organize such care, saving resources there too. Of course, with less time to maintain the area, it can be used more often, delivering more benefits for the investor.

Flexibility For Any Space

As more businesses recognize the importance of providing the right environment for their talent, by developing flexibility for any space that allows employees to destress is becoming increasingly common. Artificial turf is perfect for this.

Regardless of the area and situation, synthetic grass can provide a low-maintenance solution for all events and needs. This flexibility gives any business new opportunities, creating areas of artificial grass for pets and other value-added services in hospitality, for instance, maximizing the use of space and boosting the customer experience.

Unlocking new ideas and opportunities with low maintenance, synthetic turf installation can benefit businesses of all sizes.

Artificial Grass Helps Boost  Business Opportunity

Artificial turf companies provide a beneficial product for businesses with all-year-round looks and usability, excellent performance and flexible applications, allowing them to explore new opportunities and bring innovative ideas to life.  Whatever the business or application, a synthetic lawn brings the ability to try new revenue-generation ideas and practical and effective use of space for various services. Artificial grass is excellent for businesses with ease of use, high performance, and looks that match the best-tended natural lawns.

Have further questions? See our Instagram for helpful information or contact us with your inquiries and allow our resourceful team to provide the correct answers.

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