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Why the Power Brush is an Artificial Turf Owners Best Friend

Power Brush for Artificial Turf Throughout the seasons, your artificial […]

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February 6, 2023

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Power Brush for Artificial Turf

Throughout the seasons, your artificial turf will come across many weather changes. Utilizing a power brush is the easiest and most efficient way to help your artificial turf recover and look its best. User-friendly and available for rent at any tool rental store, not only does it help dig up any embedded dirt, but it also helps remove things like stubborn snow that won’t melt. This article will cover Why the Power Brush is an Artificial Turf Owners Best Friend and how it can assist you in cleaning and re-sanding your artificial turf.

What is a Power Brush? How is it Beneficial for Artificial Turf?

Power brushes are handheld or machine-based tools with many uses, such as surface preparation, deburring, and surface finishing. Each purpose has a specific attachment. When renting, make sure to clarify with the staff that the extension you need is for artificial turf.

Power Brush for Better Appearance

If your artificial turf is not swept upwards and many of the turf blades are laying flat, it can have a glossy look resulting from reflections of the sun.  Power brooming the fibres to stand vertically will reduce the shiny appearance, allowing your synthetic turf to maintain its rich, lush colours.

Power Brush for Maintenance

Using a power brush is a quick and easy way to rake the debris that may fall from trees and other shrubbery onto your lawn. Used to help maintain smaller parks, playgrounds, and pet runs, the power brush will shorten your maintenance time by less than half.

Longevity of the Synthetic Grass

It is vital to realize that excessive use of a power broom could shorten the lifespan of your artificial turf fibres, possibly leading to matting. If you’re not confident, you can use a power broom on your artificial turf without causing damage; contact a landscaping professional, as most warranties do not cover negligence.

Refresh the Infill

The motorized broom also helps spread the infill, settling the granules deep into the thatch while brushing the synthetic grass upwards. A rake can be utilized in smaller areas like balconies, and a motorized broom for more extensive lawns will help your work go by much faster.

How to Safely Power Brush the Artificial Turf?

When using a power broom, it is vital that you don’t push down too hard on your artificial turf, causing damage to the thatch. By the same token, you must push down hard enough to help remove the debris. This can be tricky; we suggest you start in a small inconspicuous area to make sure you have the hang of the machine.

Many prefer DIYs and end up accidentally damaging their lawns rather than cleaning them. So if you are trying to use the power brush for the first time, it is crucial to go through the safety precautions to understand the usage process and not damage your turf.

The Direction of the Blades

Remember that the power brush rotates in both directions; it is crucial to clarify which direction you need the power head rolling before starting to ensure that you’re brushing your artificial turf blades upwards; this is especially important when adding infill.

Overuse of the Power Brush

The power brush is as easy to use as it is accessible to overuse, be careful to avoid going over the same area multiple times. This can cause matting, thatch being pulled out, and cause the blades of grass to split. Generally, passing over an area once should be enough to dig up dirt and debris; we don’t recommend going back and forth on the same site more than twice. If you’re uncertain, please get in touch with us at Premium Grass Blades and allow us to offer you one of our turf cleaning services that suit your needs.

Check for any Loose Edges

Before you start power brushing your artificial turf, make sure to walk around and pick up any sizeable debris, especially rocks, that could come flying up under the bristles of the power brush. Check the perimeter of your artificial turf and ensure no edges are sticking up or looking loose. If you cannot recognize this and go over it with the power broom, it can pull the artificial turf up and cause severe damage.

A quick check for wrinkles or buckled surfaces on the turf could save you in the long run. Don’t want the hassle? Contact Premium Grass Blades for our cleaning package options and see which would suit your needs. Our expert team is always ready to assist you.

How does the Artificial Turf Power Brush work?

The power brush is one of the must-have tools of any artificial turf owner, providing an ideal lift to the grass blades and increasing the wow factor of your synthetic turf. It will also remove any patterns left on the grass due to pressure, such as flower pots or children’s pools. Using the power brush seasonally can help restore the original appearance of your lawn. The power brush will save hours and hence why the Power Brush is an Artificial Turf Owners Best Friend.

The power brush can dig deep into the artificial turf, helping remove unwanted materials and topical debris such as stubborn snow. When the snow sits on one section of your yard and becomes stiff, it can apply pressure and weight onto the artificial turf blades underneath. Once the snow has melted, you need to power brush the area to help revive the turf blades; you can also use an artificial turf rake.

It helps maintain the artificial turf’s beauty by brushing its synthetic fibres and shuffling the infill down at the base. The artificial turf power brush can help remove lodged debris, pet hair, leaves, and other substances that may weigh down the grass and block the drainage in the yard.

Artificial Turf Renewal Treatment at Premium Grass Blades

Express artificial grass renewal treatment is a dynamic method to swiftly clean your artificial turf and prepare it for the upcoming season. After collecting all surface material, including surface weeds, a power brush helps remove any deeply buried waste, such as moss and algae.

Step 1 – Clean the Topical Debris

The artificial turf could collect debris depending on its location, such as regular exposure to trees, including leaves, surface weeds, helicopters, or even dirt. In addition, our synthetic turf cleaning staff utilizes a rake or leaf blower to remove loose topical debris.

Step 2 – Removal of Deep Debris

The grass renewal crew from Premium Grass Blades will remove the dirt or trash gathered deep within the blades with a power broom. This procedure removes pet waste and other solid debris that assembles deep at the base of your artificial turf. It is brought to the surface by the power brush, which helps us thoroughly clean the lawn; deburring the drainage holes of the turf also increases its lifespan.

Step 3 – Refresh and Renew

After the cleanup is finished, our team might advise refreshing the filler. This is an essential step for pet owners. Silica and zeolite will be distributed over all the grass using a motorized broom to engrain the infill deeper into your artificial turf.

What To Look For In an Artificial Turf Power Brush Before Buying?

A power brush is an ideal tool for maintaining artificial turf. If you intend to get one for your lawn, consider the following factors.

The Capacity of the Power Broom

If the power broom has a great capacity, it will facilitate you to sweep up more dirt from the grass and cover a larger area. However, using a broad sweeper with a sizable container for holding debris such as leaves is advised.

Power Source of the Power Broom

The power brush is available in two varieties: electrically driven and gas-powered. Most electric power brushes run for a shorter period and require 110V outlets to recharge. If you want to use an electric power broom, look for corded models that provide a steady source of electricity.

Utilizing a gas-powered power brush is also an option; they tend to be more heavy-duty and cover more ground adequately. Some downsides to the power brushes are that they are loud, and heavy, emitting fumes that shouldn’t be inhaled, and are hard to store due to their awkward shape.

The Durability of the Power Brush

Regardless of what kind of machine you choose, durability should be the prime consideration. Check reviews from previous customers and users before making a power brush purchase to learn more about the machine’s dependability and durability.

User-Friendly Power Brush

It is a good idea to test out a power brush before purchasing; they’re heavy, powerful tools that not everyone can maneuver.

Doing it yourself could seem like a good idea, but seeking expert assistance will always be beneficial for keeping your turf protected.

Will Excessive Use of Power-Brush Diminish Your Turf’s Longevity?

Overuse of the power brush is the term used to describe excessive power-brooming. Excessive overuse may lead to the following:

  • Excessive wear
  • Matting the turf
  • Voiding of warranty
  • Splitting in the fibre blades

Conclusion for Power Brushing

The Premium Grass Blades turf renewal team can assist you in maintaining your artificial turf and keep it looking fresh with the help of a power brush for artificial turf. The power brush not only saves hours of time but it keeps your artificial turf looking brand new and helps with longevity of your turf.  It is really a must-have tool if you have a large artificial turf area, and now you understand why the Power Brush is an Artificial Turf Owners Best Friend. Connect on our Facebook and Pinterest pages to learn more about our synthetic turf and other services.

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