How to Remove Moss From Putting Greens

How to Remove Moss From Putting Greens

Artificial Putting Greens Synthetic turf is an excellent alternative to […]

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March 10, 2023

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Artificial Putting Greens

Synthetic turf is an excellent alternative to natural grass and is usually referred to as “maintenance-free” since it does not require mowing, edge trimming, or irrigation adjustments. However, this does not imply that the surface will remain clean and free of impurities, germs, and bacteria, especially if it is artificial turf putting greens. Cleaning putting greens is extremely necessary, especially when it starts to abode moss and other bacteria. Check out how to remove moss on putting greens and ways to prevent your artificial turf from being damaged.

What Causes Moss to Grow on Putting Greens?

Moss is difficult to control weed that primarily grows in humid or excessively moist climates. The majority of putting green products do not include drainage holes in the backing. This lack of drainage holes preserves the stability of the putting greens. Excessive water penetration into compacted soils can harm the sub-base, inducing settlement and exposing flaws in the putting surface. Because moisture has nowhere to go, it accumulates inside the fibres, allowing mould and moss to colonize the putting green surface, resulting in an erratic ball roll. Moss has become more of an issue in putting greens owing to the low pile heights. Once formed, moss colonies can continue to grow indefinitely.

What Leads To Moss Growth On Artificial Turf?

Usually, moss and mould grow in damp, shaded and warm areas where moisture is trapped. It appears as clumps of green mush in the fibres of the artificial grass. When the synthetic grass remains continuously wet, it hardens the deposits accumulated at the bottom, stains the fibres and triggers the growth of moss on the artificial turf surface.

Artificial turf installation might be daunting, but it also needs regular upkeep. It does not promote moss or algae growth, although climate change can be a significant supporting factor. Organic waste or debris stuck in the grass is another reason for moss growth. Moss and algae are difficult to remove; thus, prevention is the best option in this scenario. If your fake grass has become a haven for moss or algae, you may need to hire a professional artificial turf cleaning service.

Steps to Remove Moss From Putting Greens

If your grass-putting surface is consistently wet, it becomes a breeding ground for moss and mould. It is crucial to clean the moss before it starts to destroy your turf. Regular cleaning helps to remove dirt and other debris off the ground that could potentially damage the turf. For better upkeep of the artificial turf, it is better to take professional help for cleaning your putting green surface. The skillful turf-cleaning team at Premium Grass Blades is always present to help you in the maintenance of your synthetic turf and the removal of moss on putting greens.

Use a Floor Scraper

For the initial removal, a hand or plastic floor scraper works excellent, depending on the quantity of moss and the installation’s square area. Avoid gouging the surface. To avoid damaging the putting green’s surface, lay the scraper blade as flat as possible, but do put to much pressure on the turf to damage with excessive force.

Power Brush

Once most of the moss has been removed, use a motorized power broom to firmly clean the putting green fibres to remove any remaining moss. You may also use a firm asphalt broom with a lot of elbow grease to get the job done. Keep in mind that the moss goes deeper into the blades, all the way to the ground.

Rinse Well

Rinse the surface well with the help of a water hose; this may take two people to accomplish. Then, allow the surface to dry. You may need to repeat this step to obliterate the moss. Again, allow drying.

Apply Moss Killer

Before trying to use moss killer, try using the solution in a inconsecuous area to test to make sure that chemical solution does not deteriorate or discolor your turf. Then in the early morning or late evening, when the temperature is cool, apply the moss killer as indicated deep into the surface of the putting green, penetrating to the turf base. Allow for a 24-hour rest period. If your putting green is entirely covered with moss, you might need to let the surface dry before repeating the process. Depending on the severity of the moss, putting greens might need to be removed and replaced.

After removing the moss, you may notice that the surface is dry. Your synthetic turf will require infill refreshment to elevate well. A putting green will depress and produce an erratic ball roll when its infill as ballast is exhausted. Please contact us for more details as we do provide a services for applying additional infill with our Express artificial turf renewal treatment .

Putting Greens Moss Treatment at Premium Grass Blades

Your putting green surface may not require as much maintenance as the natural grass, but it still needs to be cleaned once in a while. While cleaning it yourself can be effective, it is always better to take professional assistance. At Premium Grass Blades, we have a team of highly experienced professionals who can assist you with in-depth cleaning of putting green artificial turf surfaces. Using the specific turf-cleaning machines with chemical injectors, our team will deep-clean your putting surface.

Removal of Topical Debris

To prevent your artificial grass from becoming a breeding ground for surface weeds, dirt, helicopters, leaves, twigs, and other topical trash, our turf renewal staff will begin by clearing the area of all that garbage. With the help of a leaf blower, vacuum and rake, our team will clear out the loose topical debris.

Deep Debris Extraction

Once the debris is removed, the turf cleaning team will use a power broom to pull out the waste accumulated at the bottom surface by bringing it to the surface and removing it before the deep cleaning stage. The power broom infiltrates deep into the blades and cleans the base without harming the turf. It also helps in the removal of moss and algae from the surface.

Deep Cleaning

Once all the topical and ground debris is removed, the artificial turf renewal team will proceed with the deep cleaning of putting green synthetic grass. For that, we use our professional-grade turf cleaning solution that helps in removing the excessive mould settled deeper into the blades and sanitizes and disinfects the area.

Refresh and Renew

After the clean-up, your turf cleaning team may suggest refreshing the infill as it helps to weigh down the artificial turf, protecting it from ripples, buckles and wrinkles caused by the continuous movement. After everything is done, we spray the area with our deodorizing and disinfecting solution for fresh-scented turf.

How to Prevent Moss Growth on Synthetic Turf Putting Greens?

Your artificial turf putting green may become a breeding ground for various bacteria and germs, potentially destroying your synthetic turf. As with many things in life, prevention is better than cure, and you should exercise caution with your artificial grass as well. You may consider definite steps to eliminate the possibility of moss development on your putting green lawn.

  • Regular care of your putting green surface will help to limit the probability of moss growth.
  • Brush the putting green fibres with a stiff brush regularly, alternating the direction you brush the fibres each time; this will enable deeper cleaning of the turf and avoid optimal moss development circumstances.
  • Keep your putting green surface clear of topical debris, and avoid seeds and dirt from garden stuff settling in the turf ground that can stimulate moss development.
  • Trim any overhanging tree branches regularly to evade leaves and twigs from falling onto the turf ground and to ensure that sunlight is not inordinately prevented from entering the garden. Note that moss tends to grow in moist, shaded environments.

Solving the Moss Problem on Artificial Turf

Even if you are particular about cleaning the surface of the putting green once in a while, it is always better to take professional help. Premium Grass Blades provides special turf cleaning services at reasonable prices. Our team utilizes professional-grade cleaning equipment and solvents to disinfect the area. We serve over eight diverse varieties of artificial grass, which can enhance the aesthetics of your yards and grounds. Visit our Pinterest page to learn more about the design, texture and pattern of putting greens and artificial grass by Premium Grass Blades.

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