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Why You Should Have Your Artificial Gym Turf Cleaned

There are many benefits to installing artificial turf in your […]

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February 14, 2023

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There are many benefits to installing artificial turf in your gym; it allows for new and different exercises that can challenge your customers and the opportunity to practice any time of year by bringing the outdoors inside. But, as exciting as your artificial gym turf may be, it can also be a breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. It is crucial to comprehend why you should have your artificial gym turf cleaned on schedule.

How Your Gym Artificial Turf Becomes A Breeding Ground?

Consider how many people use the artificial turf area; now, think of all those people having skin-to-turf contact. If any of your customers carry varying viruses or skin diseases, those germs are now on your artificial turf awaiting contact from the next set of skin.

The Importance of Cleaning Synthetic Gym Turf Regularly

Here are a few examples of why you should have your synthetic gym turf cleaned professionally, along with some of the skin diseases you can pick up at the gym or fitness center, and why cleaning your surfaces regularly is essential.

  • Folliculitis is an itchy rash caused by hair follicles infected with bacteria.
  • Ringworm is a fungal infection that causes a red, scaly rash, often in a ring-shaped pattern.
  • An athlete’s foot is a common, itchy infection caused by fungus on the feet.
  • Staph infections are usually minor but can be deadly if they spread deeper than your skin.
  • Impetigo is a type of staph infection common in children, but adults can get it too.
  • Plantar warts can be uncomfortable but aren’t serious.
  • Molluscum contagiosum are small, benign bumps on the skin caused by a pox virus.

How Does Premium Grass Blades Gym Turf Cleaning Service Help?

Just because it is not natural grass does not mean it does not require proper maintenance. Getting the gym’s synthetic grass cleaned at regular intervals is necessary. There are uncountable ways to clean your gym turf; you can practice on your own or abide by our guidance for cleaning your turf. However, using suitable machines and having an experienced artificial turf cleaning team complete the process is recommended.  Using the wrong cleaning machine could melt your artificial turf or cause unnecessary friction, damaging your artificial turf and voiding your warranty.  Also, some cleaning chemicals can stain your turf, causing discoloration. If you want to get your gym or fitness centre artificial grass cleaned, it is best to let us know at Premium Grass Blades, and we can build you a quick quote as we are always here to help you clean and maintain your aesthetically beautiful turf.

Here we explain the steps in how Premium Grass Blades professionally clean your gym synthetic grass:

Step 1: Clean Up Topical Debris

With time, your turf can become a habitat for several germs, insects, and microbes. Our turf cleaning team will clear your gym of all the human hair and skin particles r and power vacuum the surface dirt. Our special vacuum will not damage the blades of grass and will help you lose topical debris.

Step 2: Sanitization and Odour Removal

The turf cleaning team will then pre-soak the area with our specially crafted enzymatic cleaner using a hand sprayer after removing all the significant bits of debris from your fitness center synthetic grass. It helps to absorb any missed biological material left on the turf, and eat away any harsh odours.

Step 3: Deep Cleaning and Extraction

After the topical and deep debris removal and your turf’s pre-soaking completion, the team will proceed with in-depth cleaning. Our team will disinfect and sanitize the gym turf with the help of professional-grade artificial turf cleaning machines and an appropriate artificial turf cleaning solution. We go over the area twice to ensure all parts are cleaned, brushed, rinsed, and disinfected.

Step 4: Extraction and Drying

Our team will subsequently extract the remaining solution and moisture from the artificial grass to speed up the drying process. The ventilation and heating system in the region will affect how long it takes to dry.

After the cleaning, our staff will conduct a walk-through, show you the dirty water, debris, and human hair extracted from the turf, and let you know if there are any additional issues with your gym turf.

How Often Should You Have Your Turf Professionally Cleaned?

Although it is good to self-clean the turf weekly or monthly, with a regular vacuum, for professional cleaning, with our machines, getting it cleaned one to two times a year is a good idea. However, if there is heavy regular use of the gym’s artificial turf, it may be necessary to get it cleaned more often. We have many busy gyms in the Vancouver area, which includes the Kitsilano and Shaughnessy neighborhoods; get us to complete a deep cleaning every three months due to heavy use.  Also, if the gym artificial turf has never been cleaned, we may need to return to your gym on three different occasions over a 2-month span to give the artificial turf a thorough clean after years of use.  We basically want the extracted artificial turf solution and extracted water that is pushed through the bottom of the artificial turf to come back clear. The microorganisms, as previously said, can originate from any of the customers; while you cannot prevent anyone from visiting the gym, the easiest method to get rid of them is to have your synthetic gym turf cleaned regularly.

With proper care and attention, artificial turf can span up to two decades. To ensure the longevity of your turf, you will need to maintain a regular check on it, as it will help the turf remain intact for a protracted period and avoid unnecessary expenses. Our synthetic grass cleaning team uses premium-grade cleaners and equipment that help disinfect the area and eradicate all the unusual dirt particles that do nothing but spread diseases.

It is vital to understand the importance of having your turf regularly cleaned as while cleaning the artificial turf at the gym, we exact hair deposits clogging the drainage holes. Our team uses a powerful brush extractor that helps in deep cleaning the turf and helps in the removal of all the hair accumulating on the turf base. On average, we extract approximately ¼ pounds of human hair while cleaning the artificial grass.

Brushing the turf weekly or monthly will help you get rid of the bits of debris on the blades, but for in-depth cleaning, we prefer washing the gym synthetic turf with commercial-level turf cleaners, which helps remove all the dirt, bacteria, and microorganisms from the turf. Our hi-tech cleaning machines clean the ground of the turf, and the black colour of the extracted water specifies how dirty the gym turf is.

Why It Is Important To Use Proper Artificial Turf Cleaning Solutions?

Given how many people attend and use the gym, it is challenging to ascertain what visible or invisible bacteria may dwell in the grass. The turf cleaning team at Premium Grass Blades is aware of this and thus employs high-grade cleaning products to help remove all detrimental microorganisms.

OxyTurf Cleaner is a superior-quality cleaning and disinfection solution that is non-toxic and non-abrasive. It kills 99.9% of germs, viruses, and bacteria and aids in eliminating grease from the grass. Besides eliminating the bacteria, the solution deodorizes the space and removes any unappealing odour. It is made from a biodegradable formula without ammonia or bleach substances, which helps keep the grass safe and intact. We also have another specially designed cleaner that gently and safely cleanses your gym turf, ensuring no discoloration occurs.

Our specially crafted enzymatic cleaner eats away at bacteria, absorbs any missed biological material left on the turf, and eats away any harsh odours.

How To Avoid Stains On Artificial Turf?

It is normal to be concerned about stains on your grass, but one of the most significant advantages of artificial turf is that it is not prone to staining or fading. However, there may be times when you see some stains on the turf ground, may it be sweat or your energy drinks.

If attended swiftly, most of the artificial turfs are simple and easy to clean. Use a towel or a dry absorbent to mop up spills and prevent stains on the turf. Using spirit will aid in cleaning the turf blades and maintaining their quality. If anyone is injured while working out, clean the blood drops before it dries.


Having artificial grass in your gym does improve the aesthetics of the floor. However, it must be kept clean and hygienic. If you are still in doubt and thinking about why you should have your gym turf cleaned, feel free to contact Premium Grass Blades. Our expert team will assist you with your queries and get your turf cleaned with precise attention and safety. Also, visit our Facebook and Instagram channels to stay updated about artificial turf ideas.

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