Artificial turf for pets

Your pets and artificial turf

Artificial turf is the safest and cleanest option for your […]

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Premium Grass Blades

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April 30, 2021

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Artificial turf is the safest and cleanest option for your pets; not only is the grass soft and comfortable on their paws and bellies, but its durability makes cleaning up after messes easy.

Having artificial turf means that you no longer are dependent on pesticides or weed killers to upkeep your lawn, allowing your green space to be clear of toxins for your beloved pets.

Premium Grass Blades artificial grass goes through rigorous testing during the manufacturing progress; this includes tests for urea at different acidity levels, ensuring no damage is present to the synthetic product.

So what do you do anytime your beloved pet relieves themselves on your artificial turf?

If its urine, you can use some water to hose off the area; excrements are similar, remove the waste, then hose off the site.

What about the pet smell on Artificial Turf

We recommend using Zeolite sand on any artificial turf that you share with pets. Zeolite is a natural and perfectly safe granular mineral that absorbs odor. Once you install your artificial turf, you sprinkle Zeo-odour throughout the area. This substance helps absorb the smell of urine; we recommend that you reapply your Zeolite every 3 or or 4th season depending on the pet’s size and the number of pets you have.

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