Zeolite Infill for Artificial Turf

What is Zeolite and why do you want to use […]

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Premium Grass Blades

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August 18, 2022

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What is Zeolite and why do you want to use it on Zeolite infill for artificial turf? Zeolite is a naturally occurring microporous clay mineral comprised primarily of aluminum, silicon and oxygen. There are different types of Zeolites, depending on how it was formed. Some are formed when volcanic ash and rocks met and reacted with salt water; others are found in shallow marine bases of fresh water.

Commercial naturally created Zeolite is found and mined mainly in the USA, Canada, and oversea in China and Russia. If natural and synthetic Zeolite is available, the synthetic is primarily preferred because it is less costly to purify.

What does Zeolite do?

What does Zeolite do, and how does it affect you and your artificial grass? Zeolite’s unique honeycomb shape and microporous cellular construction are one of nature’s negatively charged minerals, so they can easily attract positively charged contaminants. This makes Zeolite, by nature, highly alkaline. When urinated on by your pet, it will absorb the highly acidic urine before it releases the ammonia gas that brings the unpleasant odours. Zeolite is very similar to the product known as kitty litter, but in a different form.

It is this type of synthetic grass that is used in the most common artificial lawns that are available on the market. These varieties are also the most economical as well. So, how does this type of turf stay down? It all comes down to the configuration of the synthetic grass.

How does Zeolite affect you and your artificial grass?

Zeolite also aids in keeping artificial grass cool due to its method of slow water evaporation, which is helpful during the warm summer months. It is said to lower surface temperatures considerably. It also is non-toxic for children, so we suggest zeolite infill for artificial turf which will be used by young children..


.Premium Grass Blades recommend 1-2 lbs of Zeolite Zeo-Odour spread per sqft on your artificial grass to help eliminate the ammonia smell. This depends on the type of grass you choose and the size of your pet. Contact us for more personalized suggestions.

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