Using Double-Sided Tape With Artificial Turf

Using Double-Sided Tape With Artificial Turf

Using Double-Sided Tape With Artificial Turf While artificial grass is […]

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Premium Grass Blades

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March 25, 2023

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Using Double-Sided Tape With Artificial Turf

While artificial grass is an incredible alternative to natural grass, this double-sided tape is an excellent alternative to nails or adhesives. This tape helps to join your piece of artificial grass to any clean dust free surface. The double-sided tape for artificial turf is waterproof and weatherproof and provides a flawless finish while joining the synthetic grass to any surface. If used with caution, the artificial turf tape may efficiently last for 7-8 years.

How does the Turf Adhesive Tape Stick Artificial Turf to the Floor?

The artificial turf adhesive tape is specially made to stick artificial turf to the ground. It works by using a solid adhesive layer on both sides – while one side is applied to the ground, the other is attached to the backing of the artificial turf. When the tape is placed, the adhesive on both sides creates a strong bond between the turf and the ground, holding it securely. The weather-resistant properties of the tape allow it to withstand extreme exposure to sunlight, rain, and other elements. It is essential to ensure that the surface where the turf tape is applied is clean, dry, and free of any debris, which could compromise the effectiveness of the adhesive.

Multipurpose Usage of the Double-Sided Turf Tape

The double-sided turf adhesive tape is versatile and is specifically designed for artificial grass installation. Its primary purpose is to stick the loose edges of artificial grass to the ground and prevent them from shifting or coming loose. It provides a heavy grip on diverse surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, marble, tile, wood, plastic, etc. However, the tape is much more than just turf adhesive. It can be used for multiple other purposes, including:

Hanging Decoration: Double-sided turf tape can also be used for hanging decorations such as banners or streamers on the walls and other surfaces. It holds the decoration securely in place. We recommend always trying the adhesive in a small inconspicuous area first.

Sealing windows and doors: You can also use tape for sealing windows and doors to prevent drafts and improve energy efficiency; it provides a tight seal that keeps cold air out and warm air in.

Get the DoubleSided Tape from Premium Grass Blades

The artifical turf tape from Premium Grass Blades is an easy-to-use grass adhesive that does not require sticky glue for working. It offers a sturdy grip to hold the various artificial grass pieces together. With no messy or soggy glue seeping through the edges, this self-adhesive tape makes it easier to place synthetic grass on the ground, whether it be your decks, balconies, rooftop patios or yards. Additionally, the turf tapes are lightweight for convenient portability. Our double-sided alien turf tape may be used inside and outside and is entirely harmless to kids and pets. It readily affixes to your artificial grass and other surfaces, holds on firmly, and is remarkably robust and durable. You may cut it to whatever size you need for DIY artificial turf projects.

Is Premium Grass Blades’ Artificial Grass Tape Reusable?

The advanced grip technology of the tape makes it extremely useful to instantly lock things into place without needing a screw or anchor. It is assuredly reusable and washable — when you feel the adhesive tape getting dirty or losing its stickiness, you may wash it with water to remove the residue and restore its stickiness after air drying and continue using it. The double-sided tape by Premium Grass Blades is easily removable and does not leave any sticky residue behind. You can use the tape on any surface and not worry about damaging the ground. However, be cautious while using the seaming tape on dry-painted surfaces; test the turf tape on a small patch of the wall to ensure it will not damage the paint.

Our double sided turf tape is one of the best ways to put artificial grass safely on the ground. Besides the alien turf tape, Premium Grass Blades offers three distinct adhesive seaming tapes. Visit our Facebook and Pinterest pages to know how our double-sided tape helps you effectively hold the grass and how beautiful your place would be with our supreme quality artificial grass.