Artificial Turf is Good for Municipalities in BC

Why is Artificial Turf is Good for Municipalities in BC?

You’ve seen it at sports stadiums, business properties, and maybe […]

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January 6, 2023

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You’ve seen it at sports stadiums, business properties, and maybe even your neighbour’s yard, but what exactly is artificial turf, and why is artificial turf is good for municipalities in BC?

Artificial turf is a product that resembles genuine grass and is constructed of synthetic, man-made fibres. Green Synthetic turf blades with varying pile heights are available. It is created in the same manner as carpet; it has a solid backing, and the blades are machine stitched. Most new artificial turf made today includes a brown thatch that simulates the appearance of dying grass on a genuine grass lawn. Artificial turf has come a long way in resemblance to natural grass thanks to technological advances.

Aside from the obvious cosmetic benefits, Artificial turf looks and feels like well-maintained natural grass all year round, even in the harshest conditions. Impressive warranties, high-quality manufacturing, and environmental benefits have entirely transformed the view of artificial turf, instilling confidence in it as a valued, cost-effective alternative to natural turf.

Why is Artificial Turf Good for Municipalities in BC?

 Artificial turf and towns in British Columbia currently have a close relationship. The Vancouver Island municipality of Langford is considering innovative measures to keep the city green, including installing artificial turf in some local green spots. In B.C., in addition to the obvious factor of the green appearance, the change might help save money and make city workers safer. It begins with installing artificial turf along roadsides and on boulevards throughout the city. Natural Grass has been planted along roadside and city boulevards of roads where city personnel must get on a tractor to cut the lawn and provide maintenance, all while getting buzzed by all the traffic. Now, with the artificial turf having minimal maintenance, the workers do not need to jeopardize their lives to maintain the artificial turf. Also, sprinkler systems are unnecessary, and the artificial turf stays green all year round, especially when water restrictions are in place, as we have seen over the past few years.  Artificial turf has been used for cities like Las Vegas and Palm Springs for decades with a high level of success due to limits on water restrictions.

Synthetic turf is available in various styles, making it dependable in any application. It is usually silky and appears lush and green. Although quality of life is “intangible,” pleasant surroundings are unquestionably a desirable asset for any community. What else can you gain?

Why is Artificial Turf Good for Municipalities?

  1. There are no ongoing water costs
  2. There are almost no ongoing maintenance expenditures. Cities save money on labour, lawnmowers, transportation, gas, and insurance. You can also avoid the costs of repeated requirements of natural grass maintenance, such as filling holes and reseeding dead spots caused by weather or abuse.
  3. No loud, inconvenient mowing or unpleasant pollution from equipment.
  4. Artificial turf is devoid of allergens and toxins, and there is no need to use questionable chemicals. This safeguards humans, pets, wildlife, and the environment. This increases public support since people now expect their towns to be more environmentally friendly.
  5. Play is never hampered by puddles or mud because the Premium Grass Blades drainage system drains and dries 10x faster than natural grass. When wet, artificial turf is not slick.
  6. More secure surfaces for children. Premium Grass Blades synthetic turf is mainly designed and installed to cushion falls and impacts from greater than 5 feet using a turf pad underneath the turf, making it ideal for play structures and other equipment.
  7. Dog parks that appeal to both humans and dogs, thanks to Artificial turf developed with dog-friendly features.

Benefits of Artificial Turf in Municipalities in BC

The mayor of Langford, British Columbia, believes the change might save money and make city employees safer. It begins by installing artificial turf beside roadways. Even though installing synthetic turf is several times more expensive than natural grass, the synthetic alternative pays for itself in three years.

 Any municipal government can appreciate these benefits. And they illustrate the pragmatic aspect of synthetic turf. Here, are the benefits of artificial turf in Municipalities in BC.

  1. Artificial Turf Saves Money and has a Minimal Maintenance Cost

 Artificial turf, unlike natural turf, does not require mowing, fertilization, or aeration. The annual savings from avoiding maintenance might be more than $35,000 per year. The upkeep costs associated with grass fields are minimized using synthetic turf fields, particularly in British Columbia. There is still some upkeep required, such as weeding and waste collection, and it is also a good idea to brush up every year.

  1. Synthetic Grass Looks Like Natural Grass

The mayor of the City of Langford, stated, “This isn’t the first time we’ve installed artificial turf. We’ve had some in the ground in our downtown, on Goldstream Avenue, for 10 or 15 years, and people don’t even notice it’s there – it simply looks real.”

This is especially true for Premium Grass Blades turf. Artificial turf not only appears like natural grass but also feels like it. While it may feel slightly different to the touch, it is exceedingly difficult to distinguish which is fake and natural if you are walking or jogging on it.

  1. Artificial Turf has Flexibility and Easy Planning Options

A synthetic turf sporting field is both adaptable and long-lasting. Natural turf will require time to recuperate after an event before it can be used again. If you’re simultaneously planning many sporting events on the same field, this recuperation time may limit or delay your plans. Natural turf fields can be utilized for approximately only 100 event hours, while on the other hand, synthetic turf can be used for up to 500 hours. Artificial turf is usually the best option for multipurpose fields with frequent events and games. As soon as your team is ready, you can start using it.

  1. Extended Playing Time on Artificial Grass

Artificial turf fields have a significant benefit over natural grass fields in that they can be utilized daily, in all types of weather, including after rain, without fear of ruining the surface. Because artificial turf fields do not require rest or recuperation time, they provide an incredibly high playing time.

  1. Artificial Grass Conserves Water

Synthetic turf has the obvious benefit of not requiring frequent watering. The cost of maintaining your natural grass is becoming increasingly complicated as the temperature warms.

Why Premium Grass Blades and the Evergreen Turf are Fitting for Municipalities?

 Municipalities in BC require robust turf to be installed around the city; Premium Grass Blades’ Evergreen turf is ideal for municipalities. The Premium Grass Blades’ popularity stems from its longevity, as evidenced by its deep dark forest green tones and strong well split blades. The deeper tone gives this lawn a spring appearance and a genuine, organic look that is difficult to differentiate from actual natural grass.

Evergreen is Premium Grass Blades’ all-purpose turf and is suitable for practically any application. The blades of Evergreen are exceptionally resilient, medium in length, and somewhat dense, resulting in medium-grade, value grass. Because of its low cost, durability, and natural appearance, evergreen is an excellent choice for most commercial and recreational purposes.

Evergreen has numerous advantages for municipalities:

  • Additional drainage

  • Simple to maintain

  • Pet-friendly

  • Extremely durable

  • Reasonably priced

  • Jack of all trades

  • Looks natural


Conclusion for Why Artificial Turf is Good for Municipalities in BC

 When considering a switch from natural grass to synthetic turf, turf installation and artificial turf expenditures must be evaluated as long-term investments. You can maximize your return on investment by saving money on the artificial turf field over time and generating money by renting it out. Various criteria, including size, intended use, environmental considerations, and geographical location, determine the cost of artificial turf. With Premium Grass Blades, you may calculate the cost of your artificial turf based on your specifications, as well as an analysis of startup costs, maintenance, long-term expenses, and potential long-term savings. Furthermore, Premium Grass Blades handle all project parts, relieving you of the strain.

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